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PRESENTATION: 20 Tablets in a box (10×2 blister)

Product Description

Traditionally, plants have often been used to treat numerous diseases including Dengue fever. Botanically known as Carica papaya, Papaya has been named as Eranda Karkati, which literally means the “Castor Cucumber” because the leaves resemble that of the castor plant and the fruit that of cucumber. For centuries Carica papaya leaf have been used in the folk medicine to combat viral fevers such as dengue, because it is considered to be an effective & safe remedy.

Caricin™ Tablet contains papaya (Carica papaya) leaf extract and it is found to be useful in improving decreased Blood platelet count naturally

Caricin™ Tablets Works Best With Sudarsana Tablets


Each film coated tablet contains:

Extract of Eranda karkati (Carica papaya Lf.) 825 mg


Viral Fever, Thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count) associated with Dengue


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