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Yogaraja Guggulu Tablet

Yogaraja Guggulu Tablet contains the sap of the mukul tree that is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help provide relief from joint pain. This Ayurvedic medicine for vata-kapha balancing is warming, digestive, and detoxifying in nature. It contains essential ingredients that are known to have anti-inflammatory, vatahar and pain relieving properties used in ayurvedic preparations of medicine for joint pain and swelling as it.  This joint pain relief medicine is said to have a positive effect in people experiencing joint pain as a result of excess vata.

Guggul is widely used in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicine for inflammatory diseases and is used in joint and muscle disorders.

The main action of this Ayurvedic medicine for inflammation is on ama (toxins that develop in the body due to malabsorption and undigested food). It has Vata-Kapha balancing properties that help to digest Ama and stop further formation by rectifying the digestion process and metabolic activities in the body.


Patients with the following aliments may benefit from Guggul based ayurvedic formulations:

  • Pain in Muscle, Bones & Joints

  • Backache with stiffness

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Gout with joint stiffness

  • Joint stiffness and pain

  • Muscular cramps



  • Guggulu: Guggul is gum resin of the Commiphora Mukul tree. The principle action of Guggulu as mentioned in Ayurveda is anti-inflammatory, hypolipedemic, antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent and antispasmodic. This ingredient is highly effective in the treatment of Vata-Vikar and inflammatory conditions and is also effective in reducing the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. It is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, gout, lumbago, disorders of the nervous, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

  • Triphala: Triphala is a combination of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki and is used extensively in Ayurveda for the treatment of digestive diseases. It is a tonic for the whole body and can be used in the treatment of various gastric disorders including intestinal inflammation.

  • Murva: The roots of Murva plant are used as a single drug, and also in compound formulations of Ayurveda for treating of fever, polyuria, dryness of mouth, worm infestations, itching, bleeding piles, bleeding disorders, and excessive thirst. It belongs to Aragwadhadi group of herbs, which are especially used for chronic obstinate urinary disorders, diseases of the skin, vomiting, etc. It is detoxifies blood, and gives relief in skin diseases.


Other ingredients used:

  • Pippali

  • Pippalimula

  • Cavya

  • Citraka

  • Nagara

  • Patha

  • Vidanga

  • Indrayava

  • Hingu

  • Bhamgi

  • Vaca

  • Sarsapa

  • Ativisa

  • Ajaji,

  • Renuka

  • Krishnajiraka

  • Gakakrsna

  • Ajamoja

  • Kaluka


An Ayurvedic Approach to Joint Pain

Arthritis treatment in Ayurveda is based on the understanding of the various doshas or humors of the body that govern our health, wellness and our proneness to disease.

According to Ayurveda, arthritis is a condition caused due to the aggravation of vata dosha (air) during which time the body produces ama – a toxin that is released as a by-product of improper digestion. When ama is produced, it circulates in the body and gets deposited at sites that have already weakened. So when the vata is already stirring up, ama finds the perfect place to build up.

The primary causes for accumulation of ama are improper diet, excessive exercise, exhaustion due to overwork, extreme worry, and the use of alcohol. It commonly occurs in cold, damp climates. For the condition of amavata, removing the causative factors and eliminating ama from the body are essential. 

An Ayurvedic diet can help strengthen the digestive system, preventing the formulation of ama. The nutritional plasma that is thus created, is pure and can be assimilated into the body completely and easily. A healthy, balanced diet can also improve lubrication of joints, effectively preventing arthritis or degeneration of the joints.


According to Ayurveda, arthritis is a Vata-predominant condition, and the causative factors responsible for the vitiation of Vata are:

  • Over consumption of foods that are dry in nature

  • Consuming less quantity of meals which are insufficient for the body over a prolonged duration

  • Staying up late at night and remaining hyperactive without enough rest

  • Chronic indigestion and malnutrition

  • Excessive traveling

  • Trauma, excessive bleeding, chronic stress are also a few other factors that increase Vata

  • Suppressing natural urges

  • Getting exposed to severe cold and dry weather.


Joint Pain - An Overview

Joints are parts of the body that make the body's skeleton move, bend and perform various activities. The body’s main frame is made up of bones which are live organs that discard old and worn out bone tissues and replace them with new ones. Speed of producing new bone tissues shall remain faster than the speed at which body disposes off old tissues to keep bones healthy, flexible and stronger. Wherever two bones meet they form a joint. 

The ends of bones have a hard tissue that has a slippery surface which acts as a cushion and provides smooth swiveling of bones to make joint work, this tissue is called cartilage.

The point of contact of bones is covered in a capsule that has synovial fluid inside which keeps cartilages nourished, protected and strong. Muscles are attached to bones through tendons and relax and contract to move bones for promoting bodily movement and activities. 

Weakness in bones, damaged cartilages, weak ligaments, infection in synovial fluid, swelling in the membrane covering joint, and poor health of muscles all can lead to joint pain, stiffness and swelling. 

Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries. Joint pain is extremely common and can range from mildly irritating to debilitating. Even short-term pain and swelling in the joints can affect your quality of life.


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