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What is Arishtam?

The science of Ayurveda is rich with a variety of concoctions and medicinal herbs and shrubs that are known to help maintain and improve human health. The 5000 year old science has a range of recipes to several kinds of remedies helping manage various health concerns.

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Arishtam is one such remedy. Made by boiling medicinal herbs in water and then fermenting the decoction, arishtams can have multiple health benefits. For example, one can use Arishtam for digestion, for managing persistent fever, malaria, and helping treat certain menstrual health concerns. Additionally, Arishtam for immunity can also be helpful.

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Types of Arishtams, their benefits and Ingredients that make them

According to Ayurveda, there are various types of Arishtams that are made from different recipes and are known to offer varying health benefits. For details about those Arishtams, please refer to the section below:

  • Abhayarishta: Abhayarishta is an Arishtam made using herbs: haritaki, draksha, vidang and trivrut. Speaking of the health benefits, Abhayarishta may help aid digestion and is generally recommended for improving and managing constipation and haemorrhoids conditions.
  • Amritarishta: The primary ingredient in Amritarishta is Tinospora Cordifolia, 'Guguchi or Giloy.' It is said to be helpful while curing malaria and indigestion.
  • Balarishtam: Balarishtam is an Arishtam which is known to help improve digestion, strength, improve brain health, and manage various rheumatic and neurological health concerns.
  • Dasamoolarishtam: Dasamoolarishtam is an Ayurvedic Arishtam that is generally made of the a large number of herbs such as Bael, Aganimanth, Patla, Gambhari, Shayonak, gokshura, Brihati, Kantkari, Shalparni, Prishniparni, Lodhra, Chitrak, Guduchi, Amla, Khadir, Kapittha, Harad, Baheda, Punarnava, Manjistha, Devdaru, Kushta, Vidanaga, Licorice, Jatamansi. Additionally, honey and jaggery can be other ingredients that go into making Dasamoolarishtam.

    Speaking of the health benefits, it may help manage general diabetes, urinary health concerns, gastric issues, nausea, taste loss, ascites, tuberculosis and severe cough.

  • Jeerakarishtam: Jeerakarishtam is generally made from cumin seeds and this Arishtam is usually known for managing postnatal problems, cough, tuberculosis, apnea and dyspnea.

Moving further, Arishtams are healthy Ayurvedic mixes that can help maintain and improve human health in a variety of ways. In the section above, we discussed different types of Arishtams that one can add to their diet and routine. However, for optimum results, it’s always best to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before starting any Arishtam dosage plan.

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