April 07, 2023

Triphala: Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects & More!

Uncover the incredible benefits of Triphala Churna - an Ayurvedic marvel! Boost digestion, detoxify, and enhance overall well-being with triphala powder.

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October 03, 2020

Natural Remedies for Constipation in Ayurveda

The best way to relieve constipation is by stimulating bowel movements and boosting immunity of an individual. Read on to know more!

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March 09, 2020

Organic Triphala Powder

Triphala has been hailed as an anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, detoxifying tonic, which can be used in multiple ways. Touted as a natural laxative because of the presence of tannins, it also is a health promoter and has become increasingly popular because of its numerous health benefits.

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January 18, 2020

Guide to Ayurvedic Herbs (Choornam)

Choornam in Sanskrit means powder. In Ayurveda, Choornam is prepared from various ingredients of herbal and mineral origins. It is also called Choornam and Churan. It is a unique dosage form, used both for internal and external applications.

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