Swarnamukhi Face Pack 50 Gm

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Swarnamukhi Face Pack

Swarnamukhi face pack is made for every type of skin. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin or combined skin type, this pack will do wonders. It is made to rejuvenate your skin from the outside in so that your skin is gorgeous inside out with the help of Ayurveda’s potent herbs. It safeguards your skin from the harmful pollutants that are in the environment and protects you from the damage caused by the sun. This face pack helps detoxify your skin and moisturizes it from the inside so your skin is completely hydrated.

Swarnamukhi is a herbal face pack that evens your skin tone helping restore your natural glow. It helps reduce blemishes such as dark spots and helps reduce hyperpigmentation too. Swarnamukhi ensures your skin does not dry out and the nutrients are locked inside making your skin appear youthful, smooth, and supple. It also helps control pimples and acne as it helps prevent breakouts and protects you from skin issues.


Ingredients In Swarnamukhi Face Pack

Swarnamukhi Face Pack uses a unique mixture of herbs that help you experience healthy skin. It uses a natural ayurvedic formulation that helps women with any skin type. The face pack consists of the following ingredients.


  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Prevents acne breakouts
  • Heals wounds
  • Reduces blemishes 
  • Helps give a beautiful glow 
  • Is a moisturizing agent


  • Helps even out skin tone
  • Makes skin soft 
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Makes skin glow naturally
  • Treats acne
  • Prevents dry skin
  • Is an excellent toner


  • Helps nourish skin
  • Helps prevent premature skin aging
  • Helpful for balancing pitta dosha


  • Helps prevent dark spots
  • Evens out skin texture
  • Treats skin problems


  • Is anti-allergic
  • Has anti-inflammatory property
  • Helps treat chronic skin problems


  • Has a high number of antioxidants 
  • Moisturizes the skin 
  • Prevents acne

The face is the most exposed part of the body. Due to how sensitive it is, it is more susceptible to damage than the skin on the rest of your body. It is easy for the facial skin to be affected by various factors such as pollution, premature aging, stress, and sun exposure.


Causes of Skin Issues

There are numerable skin issues that you can face. While these are not chronic skin conditions, they can still hamper your confidence and make you feel self-conscious. Here are some of the causes of the most common skin problems that people experience.

Dull skin is an accumulation of dead skin cells. This can be due to pollution and irritants found in the air. Dirt can cause dull skin as well due to damage to the collagen. Stress can cause skin problems. If there is an insufficient amount of moisture in your skin then it can cause your skin to appear dull. Hormones can cause the skin to appear dull as well. If you eat healthy food but you are unable to meet your vitamin requirement then you might have dull skin. Exposure to the sun can cause dull skin.

Dry skin is caused by a decrease in hydration levels. If you are not drinking enough then it can cause dry skin. Some medicines such as prescription and over-the-counter can cause dry skin. For some people, dry skin is genetically inherited. Extreme weather such as winter can cause dry skin on the face. Certain skin conditions cause an excess of dry skin issues such as psoriasis. If you cleanse more than necessary and if you take a bath with hot water then you are more likely to have dry skin. Exfoliating more than necessary can cause dry skin too. 

Acne can be caused by what you eat. If you eat a diet that is rich in carbohydrates and sugar then you are more likely to have acne. Birth control pills and certain types of medications can cause acne. Your genetic makeup can make you more prone to acne. If you have a family history of people who have acne then you are more likely to get acne. Changes in hormones can cause acne. Pore blockage due to excess bacteria, dead skin or oil can cause acne too. 

Oily skin is caused by a range of reasons. One of the reasons for oily skin is not using a moisturizer and using the wrong type of moisturizer. Your genes can determine whether you have oily skin or not. If someone in your family has oily skin then you can get oily skin as well. Some people who live in places with high humidity levels are more prone to get oily skin. Fluctuation in weight can cause an increase in oil production which in turn causes oily skin. Using incorrect skincare products can cause oily skin. 

Premature skin aging can be caused due to genetic conditions such as Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome. While this is rare but premature skin aging can occur due to such health issues. Your environment can cause premature skin aging and so can your diet. If you drink lots of coffee then you are prone to premature skin aging. People who drink alcohol can have the same effect. Stress causes premature skin aging. Sleep habits can cause premature skin aging. Exposure to the sun can cause the skin to age. 

Skin disorders and their causes depend on the individual skin condition. However, there are some common causes. Certain diseases such as those that affect the kidneys and thyroid can cause skin disorders. If you have a weak immune system then you can get a skin disorder too. Viruses, parasites, and fungus can cause skin issues. If you come in contact with allergens then you can get a skin disorder. Lifestyle factors and genes contribute to skin disorders too. Exposure to the sun and high-stress levels can contribute to the development of skin disorders. 

Blemishes can be caused due to certain medicines such as lithium and corticosteroids. Blemishes can develop due to certain infections such as fungal acne. Some hereditary conditions can cause blemishes to occur. If you are out in the sun for too long then you can notice age spots and other blemishes. Clogged pores are one of the main causes of blemishes. Food allergies can cause blemishes.


Ayurveda On Beauty

Ayurveda’s take on beauty is interesting. There are three doshas and your particular skin type depends on the dosha type you are. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a combined skin type. Each type of skin imbalance tells you about your unique dosha type.

People with an imbalance in Vata tend to have sensitive skin that is easily affected by stress. They also tend to have premature skin aging signs earlier and suffer from dry skin that is flaky and rough. People with pitta imbalance have sensitive skin, get rashes easily, are more prone to acne breakouts and blemishes. People who have imbalances in Kapha have oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, and pimples. They also tend to retain water more compared to the other dosha skin types. If you have symptoms from more than one skin type then you probably have combination skin type.

In Ayurveda, it is not only about the particular skin type. There are believed to be three factors that define beauty; outer beauty, inner beauty, and the feeling of youthfulness. The outer beauty denotes appearance, the inner beauty denotes your personality, and the feeling of youthfulness is how young you feel regardless of how old you are according to your birthdate. Ayurveda states that all of these factors determine your beauty and every individual is beautiful in their uniqueness.

Ayurveda stresses that outer beauty is determined by the other two factors. If you are not a good person on the inside and if you constantly worry, then chances are that your skin will reflect your thoughts. Ayurveda focuses on aligning the mind, body, and spirit to ensure your inner beauty is reflected in the outer beauty. This is why food and sleep are given priorities when the topic of beauty comes up. If you want great looking skin, you should focus on the inside. That is, you should have proper nutrition and be emotionally healthy for healthy skin.

Ayurveda states that your lunch-time meal should be the heaviest. You should include spices that help to detoxify. These include cumin, turmeric, black pepper, and fenugreek. You should incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet without fail to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. You should never skip meals and you should try to have different tasting foods in each meal. You should drink warm water throughout the day and you should eat 75% of your capacity in every meal.

Ayurveda puts focus on sleep for improving your outer appearance as well. You should ideally try and sleep before 10 p.m. and you should not indulge in anything stimulating before you fall asleep. You should avoid taking caffeine or other drinks that make you want to stay up. You can drink herbal tea before you sleep so that you can get restful sleep and are relaxed. You can try to take a relaxing bath before you sleep. You can even place dried lavender under your pillow. In addition to making changes in sleep and diet, you can focus on stress management and meditation.

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