Choornams: Herb Powders

Choornam in Sanskrit means powder. In Ayurveda, Choornam is prepared from various ingredients of herbal and mineral origins. It is also called Choornam and Churan. It is a unique dosage form, used both for internal and external applications.

General method of preparation of Choorna 


Pharmacological origin

Kalka or herbal paste is considered one of the five basic dosage forms of Ayurveda. It is prepared with wet herbs. Choornam is considered as the secondary dosage form, derived from herbal pastes.

Equipment used for preparing Choornams
Khalva Yantra and Ulukhala Yantra were the instruments used to prepare Choornam during the olden days. Nowadays Pulverizers, Micro pulverizers, Disintegrates & different mills are used. 


Types of Choornams

Classification of choornams based on ingredients:


Dosage of Choornam


Shelf life of choorna

Shelf life is 2 months, as per Sharangdhara Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic textbook on pharmaceutics. If stored in airtight containers, it can be stored up to six months. Market available Choornams have 2 years of shelf life, as per law.


Adjuvants for Choornams


Dose of Anupana – Co drink – based on Dosha vitiation

Choornams cannot be taken as such. They may cause throat irritation and can even induce vomiting. Co-drinks are the liquids that are administered along with Choornams.
Usually, co-drinks such as water, milk, honey, fruit juices, etc are administered along with Choornams.


Different uses of Choornams

1. Used as oral medicines
Eg: Hingwashtaka Choornam, Talisadi Choornam, Sitopaladi Choornam.

2. Used as an adjuvant - Choornams are also used as adjuvants along with other medicines.
Eg: Swarna Bhasma with Trikatu Choornam, Abhraka Bhasma with Talisadi Choornam.

3. Choornam for preparing other Ayurvedic medicines -

4. External use of Choornam
Choornams are used in many therapies - 


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