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Brahmi Pearls

Brahmi has been used for centuries as an Ayurvedic medicinal herb. Ayurveda scriptures explain Brahmi to be an excellent memory booster and an intelligence enhancer. Numerous references have suggested Brahmi's role in promoting Medhya (intellect), Prajnasaktivardhana (intellectual power), Hrdaya (Heart), Majjadhaty Rasayana (nervous system rejuvenation), Balya (strength, especially mind), and Nidrajanana (sleep). 

Brahmi balances and rejuvenates Pitta while strongly reducing Kapha. It also helps in enhancing Sadhaka Pitta which directly influences the nature of consciousness. Brahmi has several uses and when taken in the right doses can balance Vata. It helps in conditions with deficient Majja dhatu like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, insomnia, and depression. 

Medhya Rasayana with Brahmi is specific to the brain which can slow the brain’s aging process and help in the regeneration of neural tissues along with producing anti-stress, and memory-enhancing effects. It helps in improving memory and concentration. Brahmi revitalizes the brain cells by removing toxins and blockages within the nervous system while having a nurturing effect. It can help in balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. 

The merits of this herb have landed in many formulations of Ayurveda to help anti-aging and to enhance memory & intellect. Our Brahmi pearls are a natural brain nourisher and memory tonic which is an excellent brain stimulant containing nutrients that relieve stress offers sound sleep and enhances memory and intellect. Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) means “which gives supreme knowledge” and it is an Ayurveda herb that has the potential for enhancing cognitive performance safely. Unlike other brain nourishers that come in powder form, Kerala Ayurveda’s Brahmi pearls are formulated in lipid from which is medically proven as the most efficient way to reach the brain directly.

Western medicine has limited therapeutic options for certain neurologic disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Hospitals and research institutes across the globe are increasingly looking for Ayurvedic options as they are safe and helpful in treating neurological disorders. 


Benefits of Brahmi pearls


A unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs

Our Brahmi Pearls are composed of a blend of Medha Rasayana ingredients containing Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Mandukaparni (Centella Asiatica), Bilva (Aegle marmelos), Vacha (Acorus calamus) & Shankapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), processed in clarified butter.


Standardize organic Brahmi extract

Brahmi Pearls from Kerala Ayurveda has pure Brahmi Ghritha with beneficial herbs, suitable for all age groups alike to help in improving their memory, mental clarity, healthy sleep, and to help rejuvenate from stress & fatigue. Unlike other products that use simply crushed Bacopa, Kerala Ayurveda’s Brahmi Pearls uses a combination of organic whole Brahmi plant extract blended with other ayurvedic ingredients which give effective results.


Top-quality & safe to use

Produced in industry-best and certified manufacturing facilities, Kerala Ayurveda Brahmi pearls are rigorously tested for quality and safety, through well-recognized quality assurance technique and sophistical instruments.


Natural memory toner

Brahmi Pearls helps stimulate memory and improve cognitive ability, it aids in digestion and strengthens metabolism of the human body. The presence of antioxidants in Brahmi also helps boosts immunity and enhances dopamine levels in your body. The Phyto-active formula of Brahmi Pearls helps improve mental ability, Learning (Dhi), Memory (Dhriti) and Recall (Smriti), promotes intellect, reduces oxidative stress and relieves anxiety, and refreshes the mind.



Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

  • Helps in reducing stress and anxiety by decreasing cortisol levels

  • Helps in easing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Helps in boosting memory and has a positive effect on the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for intelligence) 

  • Helps in increasing concentration and sharpen memory

  • Helps in strengthening the immune system

Vacha (Acorus Calamus)

  • Is known to have mind-enhancing properties along with being a natural nervine tonic

  • Is known to possess anti-depressant and muscle relaxing properties

  • Helps in promoting intellect by increasing concentration

  • Helps in reducing anxiety and mental fatigue

  • Helps in strengthening the nervous system

Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)

  • Helps in improving the clarity of thought

  • Helps in balancing hormones and lower stress

  • Helps in improving memory power and brain functioning

  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Helps in boosting immunity and in the improvement of sleep

Mandukaparni (Centella Asiatica)

  • Is known to be helpful for nerves

  • Is known to acts as a mood booster from stress, depression, and anxiety

  • Is known to work well to improve sleep

  • Helps in relieving migraine and headache

  • Helps in improving cognitive ability

General overview of memory problems

Memory loss is observed in many people and needs attention as it can interfere with daily life. Short-term memory relates to the events in the recent past which tend to fade as we age. Long-term memory expands with age and is strongly recorded enabling us in recollection. Brain health plays a vital role in improving memory. 

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disease that is characterized by memory loss and dementia. This is a progressive, degenerative disease where the brain cells tend to waste away and die. The condition involves toxic beta-amyloid deposits in neuritic plaques and arteriolar walls in the brain and affects the thinking ability, behavioral and social skills. The usual onset of the disease is seen mostly in the age group of 65 years and above. Memory loss associated with this condition persists and worsens the mental faculties affecting the ability to function at home and at work. 

Individuals with memory loss may:
  • Take a longer time to complete the routine tasks

  • Misplace items

  • Forget the person’s name whom they met a few days before 

  • Have behavioral changes

  • Be asking the same question

  • Forget appointments

  • Lose keys regularly


Causes of memory loss

Here are some of the more common causes of memory loss:

  • Medications: Medications that are prescribed to treat several conditions can also interfere with memory or cause memory loss. Some of these medications include sleeping pills, antidepressants, antihistamines, medication to treat anxiety, muscle relaxants, and tranquilizers. 

  • Alcohol and Tobacco: Excessive alcohol can cause memory loss. Smoking can influence the oxygen levels sent to the brain and cause memory loss. 

  • Depression: Depression, stress, and anxiety can reduce focus and influence memory. 

  • Nutritional Deficiency: Memory can be affected by the deficiency of high-quality proteins, fats, B1 and B12 in the diet. 

  • Head Injury: Severe head injuries can cause both short and long-term memory loss. 

  • Stroke: Stroke affects the blood supply to the brain causing short-term memory loss. 

  • Sleep Deprivation: Getting enough sleep is important to function properly and focus on tasks at hand. Sleep deprivation can make it difficult to consolidate and recollect information. 

  • Dementia: This is a progressive condition that is caused by alcohol abuse, damage to the brain or Alzheimer’s disease. 

  • Other Causes: Underactive or overactive thyroid gland, tuberculosis, HIV, and syphilis can also cause memory loss. 

If you find any signs of memory loss that are affecting your work or daily life, you have to consult a doctor who can identify the cause and guide you appropriately with the treatment. 


Ayurveda’s view on memory problems

There is a link between doshic balance and memory patterns. Vata people are quick learners but tend to forget what they learn very quickly. Pitta predominant individuals remember events, facts, details of importance and forget the rest. They are very selective in this aspect. Kapha people struggle to learn but they are good at remembering them. 

According to Ayurveda, learning and memory include Dhi, Dhriti and Smriti. Dhi is about learning and needs attention and focus. Dhriti is the power to process information. Smriti is an individual’s ability to recall something happened or learned in the past. Co-ordination between Dhi, Dhriti, and Smriti is important for the mental balance. 

Prana Vat is a sub dosha of Vata which is involved in mental functions. The harmony between Dhi, Dhriti, and Smriti is disturbed when Prana Vata is disturbed due to overuse or misuse of the mind which causes mental stress. 

Vyana Vata is a sub dosha of Vata which supports circulation. The communication between heart and mind is disturbed when both Vyana Vata and Prana Vata are affected. This creates an imbalance in Sadhaka Pitta. The real problem happens because of the imbalance of dhi, dhriti and smriti and lack of communication between the heart and mind.


1-2 capsules twice daily, or as directed by the physician.


Keep in a cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children

PRESENTATION: 40 Capsules in a Box (10×4 Blister)

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