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Saraswatharishtam is a Nervine Tonic.

Reference Text: (Ashtangahridayam)


Saraswatharishtam is an ayurvedic medicine that is used to prevent neurological and psychological disorders. There are numerous saraswatarishta benefits for adults and children. It can be used for improving memory, treating mental fatigue, depression, restlessness, improving attention span, and intelligence. Ayurvedic medicine for nerve issues is found to be an effective way of preventing various behaviour-related problems that are common in children. The combination of potent herbs enables the tonic to help heal mental disorders in children if any are present. Saraswatharishtam is a popular ayurvedic medicine that is known for its benefits.

It is an excellent ayurvedic tonic for children as it can help improve restlessness, decrease stress, decrease anxiety, decrease stuttering, and improve mental capacity. This medicine is helpful for increasing memory retention in children too. This ayurvedic tonic for kids can improve the quality of sleep and to help increase overall immunity. It can help children who get tired easily, who are unable to think clearly, and who have aggressive behaviour. It is helpful for people who have difficulty speaking properly and can help improve voice quality. The saraswatarishta price is affordable and ensures it can be taken regularly for maximum benefits.

Ingredient list

The Saraswatharishtam constitutes of many herbs that make it an overall tonic that helps prevent various types of mental disorders. It can be used for children and adults to treat existing disorders and prevent the occurrence of new disorders as well. Saraswatharishtam can be used as a complementary medicine too. Here are the three ingredients of Saraswatharishtam.


  • Helps balance all doshas
  • Helps relax mind
  • Improves learning skills
  • Increases attention span
  • Improves intellect
  • Enables faster learning


  • Improves memory
  • Helps treat depression
  • Prevents loss of memory
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Promotes intelligence
  • Is a neuroprotective


  • Helps reduce stress
  • Helps improve mental health
  • Has antidepressant properties
  • Stimulates nerves
  • Promotes overall health

Mental Health Disorders:

Mental health disorders are common but are often difficult to diagnose. There are various types of psychological and neurological disorders that can affect people in different ways. Some people may develop high levels of stress while others may develop difficulty in recalling things. Mental disorders can affect the way people think, their mood, the way they learn, and the way they react to situations. Mental disorders can be caused due to a range of factors and it is important to treat them to ensure you are able to live life in a productive way.

Causes of psychological and neurological disorders

There are several causes of psychological and neurological disorders and some of the most common causes are as follows.

  • Nutritional deficiencies can lead to various mental disorders. For example, if a pregnant woman doesn’t get sufficient nutrition during her pregnancy, then the child can be born with a lesser number of brain cells.
  • Perinatal asphyxia can lead to problems with the child’s intellect. It is caused due to hypoxia which is a lack of oxygen in the blood. Lack of oxygen may lead to multiple disorders in babies.
  • Congenital factors such as metabolic disorders, chromosome abnormalities, gene abnormalities, and change in chromosome number can cause neurological disorders. Congenital malformation is another cause of psychological and neurological disorders.
  • Immune disorders may cause psychological and neurological disorders. For example, autoimmune encephalitis may lead to emotional problems and abnormal movements. It might take months for the symptoms to show.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord or brain may lead to psychological and neurological disorders. Traumatic brain injuries can be of three types; open wounds, closed head injuries and crushing injuries. Spinal cord injuries can be due to falls or car accidents.
  • Toxins can lead to neurological and psychological disorders. These can be from the environment in the form of chemicals and children may get affected by these toxins. When this happens, children may get affected that leads to neurological disorders.
  • Postnatal infections can be caused due to meningitis and encephalitis. Encephalitis can cause changes in behaviour, epilepsy, speech problems, and problems in memory. Meningitis can lead to problems in memory, learning difficulties, and balance problems.

Ayurveda’s view on psychological and neurological disorders

Mental health is one of the major components of Ayurveda according to the Ayurvedic texts. While Ayurveda is considered as a complementary stream of medicine, its significance can’t be ignored. In fact, recent studies have shown the effectiveness of Ayurveda treatments on children and adults. Ayurveda does not view mental health or physical health individually. Instead, Ayurveda views them as interrelated to each other. When the mind is not balanced then there is an imbalance in the body and this may lead to illnesses and disorders. Depending on the type of dosha and the severity, different problems may surface.

As Ayurveda takes a holistic approach, there are various aspects that must be considered when mental health is in question. That is, instead of focusing on one aspect, Ayurveda treatment for mental disorders focuses on various aspects. These include exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Ayurveda is not about solving a mental or physical problem. It ensures that the problem is solved and it is prevented from occurring again in the future. Therefore, you can say that Ayurveda takes an approach that is fool-proof because it focuses on the present and the future. This enables solving the problem at the base.

There are some ways to become mentally strong. Hatha yoga is an effective method that can be used since it can be used for improving mental health. Breathing exercises can help improve mental health. Meditation can help improve mental disorders and can help improve its health as well. Establishing a daily routine and having set times to eat, sleep, study, and adopting hobbies is a great first step to ensure mental health balance. There are certain types of exercises that can prove to be beneficial to help heal disorders related to the brain. Depending on the type of imbalance, the proper exercise approach can be found.


  • Epilepsy
  • Neurosis & Psychosis
  • Amnesia


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