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Narasimha Rasayanam

Narasimha Rasayanam is Improves immunity and physical strength, TonicRejuventative,  Improves libido

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About Narasimha Rasayanam

Narasimha Rasayanam is a formulated Ayurvedic product available in the form of Butter/Jam. Narasimha Rasayanam is also known as medicated butter that helps in the treatment of physical weakness and degenerative diseases. It has been used in much ayurvedic treatment such as Panchakarma, helping improve immunity, support weight gain and aid in the regeneration of hair follicles regeneration.


Narasimha Rasayanam is prepared from the combination of various herbs in an appropriate quantity. Many compositions are available in the market for Narasimha Rasayanam and its quantity varies, however, we have specified the common composition of it underneath



Botanical Name

Sanskrit Name

Acacia catechu

Katha,Khair, Gayatri

Dalbergia sissoo

Shisham, Shimshapa

Embelia ribes

Vidanga, Vaividang

Pterocarpus marsupium

Vijayasar, Asana

Plumbago zeylanica

Cheeta, Chitrak

Terminalia chebula


Terminalia bellirica


Semecarpus anacardium

Bhilawa, Bhallatak



Physical weakness – Do you feel low or fatigued all the time and have tried everything to regain the energy level but failed miserably? Then Narasimha Rasayanam can help. Its muscle relaxant and bone strengthening properties can help you regain the energy level in the body. Its result can be observed within a few weeks of consumption as reported by the users


Prevent Osteoarthritis – Due to unhealthy lifestyles, synovial fluid in the joints gets reduced, thus increasing the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Narasimha Rasayanam can act as supportive medication that can help stimulate the production of synovial fluid.


Treating Indigestion – Various factors affect the digestion level in the body such as bloating, inflammation, enzymes and weak digestive muscles. Narasimha Rasayanam can help improve the body’s metabolism to digest the meals and secrete the nutrients for better digestion levels.


Revive Hair Follicles – You can naturally stimulate the hair follicles by using it on a regular basis as it helps provide optimum nutritional value thanks to the composition of Bringaraja to revive the cells in the scalp to have smooth and shining long hair.


Boost Memory – Ayurvedic experts have prescribed Narasimha Rasayanam to help boost memory and regain the confidence level for better health.


Boost Immunity – It acts as a natural tonic in helping boost your immune system by nourishing the growth of white blood cells in the body to combat any external or internal infection in the body


Reduce Stress – Narasimha Rasayanam can be used to help reduce the stress level in the body as it helps calm stress hormones and blood pressure levels naturally.




Every now and again after a long day of work, one might feel mentally and physically drained and exhausted. It is reasonable and inevitable to feel this way after a long day of daily grind and hustle, whatever it may be. It is a natural stimuli reaction for our bodies to indicate to us that we need to rest. Sometimes, this might occur at the least inconvenient times when we genuinely need all our energies to be at our disposal. This can consequentially lead to added grievances such a low morale due to our work not being done on time due to fatigue. 

A chronic recurrence of this issue might indicate a problem below the surface. Fatigue might be due to our lifestyle choices every now and again on the off chance. However, if the same issue persists, it will be a wise choice to look up symptoms of fatigue to cross-check and verify if the issue is more deep-rooted than just merely being fatigue and tiredness.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of having to put everything on hold when our bodies crash and our health deteriorates, usually just when we think we can least afford to slow down or take a break. Deep down, most of us know that there is often an irony of those moments. Nevertheless, most of us would rather avoid the inconvenience altogether—whether it’s a cold, a cough, the flu, shingles, or something else. 


Given the choice, who among us would refuse an unbreakable immune system? We all want to be healthy and would rather avoid illness and disease. So, how do we support robust immunity?

Ayurveda and Immunity

Immunity can be influenced by our lifestyle and subsequent dietary choices in life. We can add to it by eating the right things and take from it by doing the opposite. What are some of the symptoms and causes of issues with Immunity and Physical weaknesses? We shall be taking an in-depth look at his question below. More specifically, we will be exploring resolutions through the perspective and ideas of ‘Ayurveda’.


At its core, Ayurveda is not about suppressing symptoms, but about addressing the root cause of our imbalances. If our immune systems are compromised, we have to ask ourselves why, and we must be willing to change course to correct the underlying issues—whatever they may be. Of course, each individual is unique, and working with an Ayurvedic practitioner to specifically address the current dynamics in your system is a fantastic way to support positive change. Still, there are a number of general strategies that can help to support immunity in all of us.


These strategies are built on the premise that our bodies are inherently intelligent and that, given proper support, our physiology already knows exactly how to foster and protect optimal health. As you will see, there is an elegant beauty in the Ayurvedic approach to bolstering the immune system; it is simple, intuitive, and it reminds us just how amazing the body’s self-regulatory systems are. As a starting point, let’s first focus on how Ayurveda views immunity and the immune system.

Some of these strategies were conceived many centuries ago. They have been refined and evolved into Kerala Ayurveda’s ‘Narasimha Rasayanam’.



One of the most common signs of primary immune deficiency is having infections that are more frequent, longer-lasting or harder to treat than are the infections of someone with a normal immune system. You may also get infections that a person with a healthy immune system likely wouldn't get (opportunistic infections).

Signs and symptoms differ depending on the type of primary immunodeficiency disorder, and they vary from person to person.


Signs and symptoms of primary immune deficiency can include:

  • Frequent and recurrent pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, meningitis or skin infections
  • Inflammation and infection of internal organs
  • Blood disorders, such as low platelet counts or anaemia
  • Digestive problems, such as cramping, loss of appetite, nausea and diarrhoea
  • Delayed growth and development
  • Autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes



Many primary immune deficiency disorders are inherited — passed down from one or both parents. Problems in the genetic code that acts as a blueprint for producing the cells of the body (DNA) cause many of the immune system defects.

There are more than 300 types of primary immunodeficiency disorders, and researchers continue to identify more.


They can be broadly classified into six groups based on the part of the immune system that's affected:

  • B cell (antibody) deficiencies
  • T cell deficiencies
  • Combination B and T cell deficiencies
  • Defective phagocytes
  • Complement deficiencies
  • Unknown (idiopathic)


The Ayurvedic Perspective 


According to Ayurveda, strong immunity is a product of good digestion, strong Agni (the metabolic fire), quality liver functioning, and a balanced endocrine system (which includes appropriately balanced hormones). Immunity is also very much connected to a mysterious substance called Ojas. The Sanskrit word Ojas literally means “vigour.” However, in the body, Ojas is extremely subtle and elusive—somewhat difficult to define, even. Yet in the Ayurvedic tradition, Ojas has everything to do with immunity. It is said that the strength of one’s ojas determines which factors and influences—whether internal or external—cause disease in each individual. Grasping the Ayurvedic approach to bolstering the immune system, therefore, hinges on having at least a peripheral understanding of Ojas.

Ojas is the positive subtle essence of Kapha—that which gives the body strength, vigour, vitality, and immunity. It is the superfine essence of all of the bodily tissues and the end product of perfect digestion. As such, it is a direct reflection of the quality of Agni; strong Agni yields healthy Ojas, while impaired Agni hinders the production and quality of Ojas. But Ojas is also affected by past trauma, lifestyle choices, stress levels, the quality of our relationships, and our overall state of consciousness. Ojas is naturally rich in soma (the subtlest form of matter), and it eventually becomes consciousness. In fact, healthy Ojas fosters a state of bliss. Ojas is protected when we are able to live in the present moment with pure, detached awareness. On the other hand, it is diminished and dried up when we are overly effortful, stressed, contracted, or selfish. Ojas also protects prana, the vital life force that animates each of us.



Premature greying and alopecia.


Improves immunity and physical strength, Tonic, Rejuventative Improves libido, Complexion Checks ageing process


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