Foods that increase bad cholestrol

According to Ayurveda cholesterol is believed to be a silent killer. Let’s have a look on the foods to avoid if you’re looking to lower your LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

You probably already know that butter and high-fat junk food lead to increased LDL levels. But there are also some foods in this list which might come as a bit of a surprise!


  • Dairy Products  –  Dairy products, especially full-fat ones, have a good amount of saturated fat in them. The non-fat or low-fat variants have lesser fat in them, which are what you should be picking in case of high bad cholesterol.


  • Coconut Oil  –  It is considered as a ‘healthy oil’ per say by many, but it does have a lot of saturated fat in it. That’s why it should be had in small levels rather than being added generously.


  • Mashed Potatoes  –  It’s not the potatoes that are the problem… it’s the other ingredients that are troublesome. When you’re eating mashed potatoes, you’re also eating a good amount of cream, butter as well as cheese, which are the culprits here. Potatoes otherwise, in a baked or grilled form are good.


  • Pizza  –  Unfortunately yes. The cheese and the meat are the problem here. Order one with a lot of veggies in it if you must… but that also once in a blue moon.


  • Ghee  –  Ghee or clarified butter is also very high in saturated fats. It has palmitic acid in it as well, which has a reputation for clogging arteries. If you cannot do without it, limit the amount of ghee you use.


  • Popcorn  –  Yes, the ones you get at the movie theatre might taste very nice, but they’re also topped with more fat. These are bad for the heart as well. Plus, while watching the movie you might end up eating more because you’re distracted.


  • Eggs  –  Who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast? Eggs are generally healthy, but in moderation. Like your sunny side up too much? Then the trick to eating eggs lies in not loading cholesterol from other sources as well during the day! Or else, skip the yolk!


  • Liver  –  It’s something people like or hate, but the ones who like it, simply love it! It’s very high in bad cholesterol. Limit it to once in a blue moon.


  • Shrimp  –  Seafood like certain fish as well as prawns are high in bad cholesterol.


  • Red Meat  –  Surprisingly, it has lesser cholesterol than shrimp, but still pretty high.


  • Ice Cream  –  Did you know that most ice creams have more fat than a hamburger and more cholesterol than 10 glazed doughnuts? Limit ice cream or skip it altogether if the bad cholesterol is on the higher side.


  • Bakery treats  –  Most bakery treats and desserts are just too tempting to look away from, but most of them are loaded with fats, unless they say low-fat

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