Ayurveda, The New Vogue

Ayurveda, India’s 5,000-year-old ‘science of life’ is the most profound and powerful tool for health and wholeness. Hence, for a smooth reach of this traditional Ayurveda towards digital era, we unlock the potential of this ancient wisdom into a modern avatar keeping the actives intact!

Transforming Ayurveda

When we say we believe in transforming Ayurveda, we mean it!

From the ingredients to the branding, we ensure that you get to experience something WoW. Our aim is to evolve and embark with this new journey while staying connected to our roots constantly.

our brand promise: purity, safety & efficacy!

New Journey, with a Brand New Look!

Re-inventing our brand Identity, we have touched upon several hidden elements which actually represent what we are!


The core of our logo is an individual in a ‘Lotus Pose’ representing ‘Body Prakruti’. Conveys, Kerala Ayurveda offers solution for any Body Prakruti.


Secondly, the ‘Leaves’ in our logo represent alignment of Kerala Ayurveda with nature.


The prominent ‘Circle’ in the logo represents ‘Crown Chakra’, symbolizing the universal flow of energy & enlightenment.


On the whole, our logo emerges to be a ‘Lotus’ symbolise that ‘Kerala Ayurveda Restores Health & Well-Being with its Pure, Eternal & Spiritual Roots’.

About the Gold-toned Lotus & Nature of Indigo:

Gold is an auspicious color for many reasons in Kerala culture, especially for its association with the sun (Surya). Surya provides energy for life to thrive. During the lotus’ journey of transformation, the rays of Surya penetrate the pond’s water and nourishes it.

Also, the Gold metal represents Ojas, the vital life force within all beings. The energy of gold is nurturing, harmonizing, and stabilizing.

Indigo is a color that is traditionally regarded as a color in the visible spectrum & also assists in finding the inspiration, focus & clarity of awareness. Indigo is cold, electric & intense.

Moving Ahead With Time:

What sets us apart!

5,000Years of Ayurvedic Legacy

5 Generations of
Healing Tradition

77Years of

1M+ Hearts Touched & Counting

New Launches:

New Launches: