Iogen Syrup

Natural & Herbal Iron Supplement

If you feel unusually tired, sluggish, struggling with concertation, feeling low on energy, probably you have an iron deficiency or you are anemic.

Anemia is one among the most common disorders to affect blood and when you are low on iron, it can affect different aspects of your life and might lead to vitamin B12 deficiency impacting overall health.


Iogen Syrup

Iogen syrup is a combination of naturally processed iron and essential herbs that are helpful in treating iron deficiency and anemia as recommended by Ayurveda. Iogen syrup helps alleviate anemic condition by increasing hemoglobin levels in blood and renormalizing appetite, naturally. Being a completely herbal product containing natural extracts, Iogen helps facilitate proper digestion and nutrition absorption. Unlike other iron supplements, Iogen syrup doesn't have unpleasant metallic taste and doesn't disturb your bowel movement.

Benefits of Iogen Syrup

Natural and Herbal Iron Folic Acid supplement

The best iron supplement must contain a form of iron which is easy to absorb and doesn’t cause side effects. Iogen syrup is a natural and herb-based iron supplement made with a unique formulation of Ayurveda ingredients for maximum benefits. The syrup contains herb-based iron which is absorbed in a way it maintains normal iron balance translating to fewer health concerns.

Complete Iron absorption

Iogen Syrup is safe to use a natural iron supplement and a rich source of ferrous sulphate in a form which facilitates complete iron absorption into your body. In order for your body to absorb iron, vitamin C is essential. Our Iogen syrup also contains ingredient rich in natural vitamin C which combines with iron to form an iron chelate complex which in turn increases the solubility of iron in the small intestine.

Improve hemoglobin level

Iron plays a significant role in improving hemoglobin levels, a protein called transferrin binds to iron and transports it in the body. Transferrin helps your body to produce red blood cells which contain hemoglobin. Iogen syrup, rich in ferrous sulphate increases hemoglobin production considerably and thereby reducing the symptoms of anemia.

No Gastro-intestinal disturbance or constipation

The common complaint associated with any iron supplements is that it causes constipation by creating gastrointestinal disturbances. As Iogen syrup is a natural supplement containing other ingredients which help in proper bowel movements, it doesn’t cause constipation unlike other synthetic iron supplements.

Ayurvedic Herbs in 

Iogen Syrup

Draksha (Vitis vinifera)

  • Excellent for the formation of red blood cells and prevents anemia.
  • Help Strengthen immunity and prepares your body against infections.
  • Aids in digestion due to high fiber content and laxative properties.
  • Packed with natural sugars and great to supply energy without loading calories.

Annabedi/Kasisa (Processed Ferrous sulfate)

  • Its a tonic beneficial in improving hemoglobin levels
  • Works as an astringent
  • Help improves strength
  • Indicated in anemia conditions

Sveta Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)

  • Acts as an effective blood purifying and detoxifying agent.
  • Helps reduce aggravated Pitta and acts as a natural blood purifier.
  • Well known for its pitta pacifying and refreshing coolant action.
  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Bilva (Aegle marmelos)

  • Excellent facilitator
  • Improves metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal

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