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Histantin Tablet

Allergies can range from simpler conditions like sneezing, rashes, a mild cough, or itch in the throat, to more serious ones like an anaphylactic shock that is even known to be life-threatening. In many cases, allergies are easily treatable and do not cause any permanent or irreversible damage to the human body, but if neglected, symptoms can become persistent and create issues that cause a lot of difficulty and uneasiness to individuals. In a nutshell, an allergic reaction is basically the immune system fighting against a foreign substance. It is described as a hypersensitive reaction to a certain stimulus. The stimuli could range from environmental conditions like air quality, dust, pollen, temperature, or climate, to food types, and sometimes even insect bites. In some cases, a poor lifestyle and other detrimental habits can also leave the body vulnerable to contracting allergies. It is also important to note that allergies can be hereditary too. For the treatment of these varied allergic reactions, Kerala Ayurveda offers the Histantin Tablet, one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicines for allergy.

If a person is deemed healthy, then the immune system has enough strength to counter the allergic stimulants with ease, but issues begin to take shape when the immune system is not as strong and has to beat the stimulant with a stronger reaction (For example, skin rashes to counter a food allergy). With statistics suggesting that close to a quarter of the global population is prone to allergies due to constantly changing environments, Ayurvedic medicines for allergies have become a great choice considering their chemical-free approach and effectiveness.

Before moving onto what the Histantin Tablet comprises and its efficacy, let’s take a closer look at what Ayurveda says about allergies and their treatment. There are two prominent terms used in Ayurveda that are vital to explaining allergies -- Satmya or tolerance and Asatmya or intolerance. It is believed that Asatmya is what causes allergic reactions in the human body. This Asatmya is caused by a weak digestive fire that eventually leads to Ama (toxin) formation, leaving one more prone to contracting allergies.

People with different Doshas are afflicted with allergies by different stimuli. These stimuli can either be foods or other factors. An individual with Vata Dosha could be allergic to bitter foods, raw foods, cold foods, spicy foods, cold and dry climatic conditions, or excess stress. For the Pitta Dosha individuals, spicy, sour or fermented foods may cause allergic reactions, in addition to sunny and hot weather. These individuals also have a low tolerance for synthetic fabrics and metals. Finally, people with Kapha as the dominant Dosha are averse to dairy products, sour, and salty foods, while they also may have reactions when the weather is cloudy or rainy.          

Ayurvedic medicines for allergy can help treat conditions by targeting the toxic accumulation in the body, caused by ama, and any other triggering factor, as well. Natural medicines like Histantin tablets can assist in the management of allergy manifestations that are caused due to seasonal changes or digestive issues. While there are Western medicines that control allergic situations, Ayurveda has a more holistic approach to treat allergies from the root cause and in the process, help strengthen the immune system.   


How Ayurvedic medicine can help with skin allergy treatment?

Skin allergy occurs when the body gives out an extreme reaction to allergens (one or more). There are many elements around us that can trigger an allergy reaction. The skin allergens can be seasonal or acquired, or it can be caused due to faulty digestion. 

Some of the common components that can trigger skin allergies:

  • Nickel: This is a metal that is usually used in creating jewelry and buttons on clothing

  • Gold: a precious metal that is used to create jewelry 

  • Peru: This is a tree resin that is popularly used in perfumes and skin lotions

  • Artificial flavors and fragrances: That are usually found in cosmetics, soaps, foods, and dental products

  • Formaldehyde: A preservative 

  • Bacitracin: An antibiotic that is used for topical application

When it comes to using an effective Ayurvedic medicine for allergy, the Histantin tablet has benefits that are proven to cure dermatological problems like skin allergies, eczema, and chronic urticaria. With consistent use of Ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy, you will see progress in a short period.


How can Ayurvedic medicine help with allergies?

Ayurveda states that seasonal allergens are reactions that are caused by impurities that are build up in the human body. This occurs due to digestive weaknesses, consuming unhealthy foods, and not leading an active lifestyle. Seasonal allergies are usually triggered during spring because of warm temperatures and dispersal of particles in the air like pollen. Pollen and dust can make their way into the tiny passages within the body and compromise the immune system.

Ayurveda uses the concept of Doshas to explain health problems. The three Doshas or primary functional energies in the body are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of these Doshas needs to be balanced to ensure good health. Sometimes the Doshas are vitiated and are unbalanced due to various reasons. In such a situation, the Dosha that is in excess can affect health. Allergies happen due to Dosha vitiation. This weakens Agni (the digestive fire) leading to the formation of Ama or toxins. Weakened Agni leads to a weak Ojas (vital force). This causes low immunity leading to severe allergic reactions since the immune system is weak and cannot fight toxins easily. 

The allergy caused can be classified based on the Dosha. The treatment also can be given depending on the Dosha aggravated. 

  • Vata allergies are caused due to dry weather or dry and raw food. They may lead to asthma, joint pains, headaches, earache, tingling in nerves, etc.

  • Pitta allergies can be caused due to excess consumption of spicy or fermented foods or exposure to metallic substances, hot weather, etc. It can cause urticaria, eczema, allergic dermatitis, burning symptoms, redness of the eyes, and heartburn.

  • Kapha allergies are caused due to sweet, sour, or salty foods and exposure to cold and wet weather. Sinusitis, hay fever, mucus buildup, asthma, cold, cough, water retention, and sleep disorders are commonly experienced.


Causes of Allergic Rhinitis:

As mentioned before, the main causes for seasonal allergies or Allergic Rhinitis can be indigestion, consistent inhalation of dust and smoke, insomnia, irregular sleeping patterns, increased exposure to cold weather, and so on.



The symptoms include - 

  • Irritation in the nostrils 

  • Sneezing 

  • Body ache 

  • Watery eyes 

  • Runny nose

  • Incessant coughing 

  • Raspy voice 

  • Intense headaches 

  • Itchy throat

Histantin tablets’ non-steroidal formula helps provides relief to patients from various types of allergies; this includes seasonal, skin, and food-related allergies as well. Histantin targets the cells of the body that produce histamines; these mast cells can cause allergic reactions. The anti-allergy tablets are different from other medicines because they can target various allergies, instead of just one. 

Since the tablets are a significant part of Ayurvedic products, they’re all-natural and don’t cause any addiction or dependency if used for a long time; which means that it will not compromise the immune system, too. The main aim of these anti-allergic tablets is to help strengthen the body’s defense system and expel any accumulated toxins.


What are the ingredients in a Histanin tablet?

Listed below are the ingredients present in each tablet, along with their corresponding benefits:

Katuki - 100mg- controls inflammation 

Jatamamsi - 50mg – mast cell stabilizer 

Nagakehsara - 50mg – anti-histamic and spamolytic properties 

Vacha - 25 mg 

Pushkaramoola - 50 mg – helps with respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, consistent dry cough, and so on. 

Turmeric - 25 mg- helps with detoxifying blood and reduces swelling. 

Cumin seeds - 50mg 

Kiratatikta - 5 mg- helps with treating infectious diseases that affect the skin and immune system. 

Bhunimba - Rich in antioxidants and can effectively treat any respiratory issues

Prapunnada - It’s usually present in Ayurvedic anti-allergic drugs for skin, and is known to manage any skin allergies or manifestations. It’s also known for its antiseptic properties.


Histantin Tablet Uses:

Histantin is an allergic Ayurvedic medicine that is helpful in providing relief from symptoms of allergies. The unique blend of ingredients in this ayurvedic tablet for allergies ensures that it not only treats allergy symptoms but also strengthens immunity. An allergy occurs due to the release of histamine by the body. This Ayurvedic tablet for allergy symptoms helps to delay histamine release, which provides relief from symptoms. 

The Ayurvedic allergy tablet is to be taken two tablets at a time, two to three times per day or as per the directions of the Ayurvedic physician. The tablets must be taken after eating food. Proper usage of this tablet helps provide relief from allergies and helps to strengthen immunity.

Histantin tablets can help support allergic rhinitis treatment. Seasonal allergies can lead to a runny nose which is usually caused due to hypersensitivity to microscopic particles like pollen, dust, and animal dander (especially from cats and dogs). Histantin tablets can help control your allergic reactions by taking control of the histamine release and provide quick relief, naturally. 

Other allergic rhinitis treatments in Ayurveda includes a healthy lifestyle and diet choices like:

  • Home-cooked food

  • Avoid consuming processed food 

  • Cover your mouth and nose during dusty or chilly days 

  • In case of slight congestion, take part in a steam inhalation process

  • Cover yourself properly while sleeping


What are the popular Ayurvedic food allergies treatments?

Most times, it’s noticed that food can trigger major allergy symptoms, and some of the popular triggers include peanuts, dairy, and wheat; this is because these foods are particularly hard to digest. Foods that have elements that lead to indigestion can strain the gut and digestive tract, this causes the body to identify it as a foreign invader and starts fighting it. Digestive issues are also caused by stagnant food that’s not getting digested. This can lead to bloating, gas, and formation of ama (metabolic waste). 

Ama is a toxic waste that settles within the intestines and can be harmful if left untreated. Food allergy treatment Ayurvedic includes controlling the body’s response to the food triggers and making them easy to digest. 


Popular diet remedies for food allergies include:

By supplementing the trigger foods in your diet, with some of the ingredients mentioned below, you can avoid serious allergic reactions. However, individual reactions can vary, and you may want to consult with your Ayurvedic doctor before making any significant changes in your diet. 

  • Substitute dairy with almond or coconut milk 

  • Go for whole grains that are low in gluten 

  • Fruits like apples, blueberries, and pomegranate are high in fiber and antioxidants 

  • Root vegetables like carrots and beets 

  • Leafy greens 

Histantin tablets in an ayurvedic way, help naturally reduce the severity of the allergic reaction and also helps boost the immune system’s responses. 

Histantin tablets don’t have steroids or any anti-allergic formulation that can lead to dependence or substance abuse if taken for a long time. Unlike prescription medication, Histantin is a natural drug that is void of any sedative effects.



1. Can Histatin Tablet be used for fistula?

No. We recommend Pilogest capsules which are specifically meant for the treatment of piles, bleeding piles, and fistula. Histasin tablets are for allergies that are caused due to dust, smoke, pollen, and certain types of food.


2. Can pitta dosha be prevented by Histantin Tablet?

The pitta dosha can be treated when the patient follows a healthy lifestyle along with taking the Histantin tablet. This would mean taking in loads of greens and reducing the intake of alcohol, smoking, and processed foods.


3. Can Histantin tablets be consumed in food allergy treatment?

Yes, it can be consumed as a food allergy treatment. The tablets help control allergic reactions by controlling the histamine release in the body and providing quick relief in a natural manner, without any nasty side effects.


4. Is it available in a single pack or multiple packs?

The tablets are available in packs of 100. They are natural, non-sedative, and anti-allergic and can help improve your health due to their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.


5. Can an asthmatic person consume this product?

Yes, but they will have to consult with their doctors before taking the tablets. The ingredients in the Histantin tablet include Pushkaramoola and it’s used to treat respiratory diseases like asthma, dry cough, wheezing, and bronchitis.


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