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Chiruvilwadi Kwath

Chiruvilwadi Kwath is an ayurvedic medicine for patients undergoing treatment for piles and fissure offered by Kerala Ayurveda.  Piles and fissures are serious problems that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. These ayurvedic medicines for piles act as effective supplementary medicines in helping treat piles. This ayurvedic medicine for piles is prepared as per the ayurvedic classical text Ashtangahridayam.

In Ayurveda, dosha imbalance is the cause of disorders. The Vata and pitta dosha can be imbalanced. This can lead to cracks in the anus known as fissures. The doshas cause weakness in the bowel, as a result of which a person would strain to pass stool, which causes cracks.

Piles or hemorrhoids are caused by excessive pressure on the veins in the anus leading to the formation of a mass. This is again a result of an imbalance in doshas. Any of the three doshas may be imbalanced leading to piles. The problem of piles, especially when it is formed inside the rectum may not even be known. When formed outside, it would be palpable. The problem becomes serious when the piles start to bleed.

When Pitta dosha is imbalanced, then the piles would be inflamed and would be soft and red. It may be accompanied by diarrhea, thirst, or fever.

When the Vata dosha is imbalanced, the piles would be black, rough, and hard. It would be extremely painful.

Kapha imbalance leads to digestive problems. The piles can be light-colored and slippery in nature. It may be large in size.


Ingredient list

Chiruvilwadi Kwath has the following ingredients:


  • Chiruvilva or Holoptelea integrifolia is known as Indian elm.

  • It helps to stimulate digestive Agni and improves digestion.

  • It is very useful to control bleeding.

  • It is used to prepare medicines to treat piles.


  • Punarnava or Boerhavia diffusa is known as Red hogweed.

  • It balances Kapha and Vata doshas.

  • It is helpful in treating bleeding.

  • It is useful for treating hemorrhoids.


  • Chitraka or Plumbago zeylanica is also known as Agnimantha.

  • It helps to rekindle Agni, the digestive fire and thus improves digestion.

  • It is an arshogna medicine used to treat piles.

  • It is extremely helpful in treating piles due to Vata disorder.


  • Abhaya or Terminalia chebula is also called Haritaki.

  • It is one of the three herbs used to make the powerful Triphala ayurvedic medicine.

  • It improves digestion and helps solve all digestion related problems.

  • It helps to stop bleeding in piles and reduce the mass.


  • Kana or Piper longum is a long pepper, also known as pippali.

  • It is helpful in improving digestion and removing toxins.

  • It is very helpful in providing relief from bloating and indigestion.

  • It is used to make medicines to treat piles.



Piles, fissures, and hemorrhoids and painful afflictions of the anus and the rectum. Hemorrhoids and piles are a lump formed either inside or outside the anus. The problem starts when the piles start to bleed. This can be scary when the toilet bowl is full of blood. It is a sign that the piles need immediate treatment. Any case of bleeding from the anus is serious and needs medical attention. Sometimes the anus can have small tears in the lining, which can happen due to various reasons. This tear is known as an anal fissure. This can be very painful and can even bleed. It needs to be treated by a doctor.


Causes of piles and fissures

Piles or hemorrhoids can be outside the anus or can occur inside the rectum. Hemorrhoids are veins that are swollen and have developed as a mass. The reason why some people face the problem of hemorrhoids is because of the pressure on the veins of the anus. This pressure can cause the veins to bulge and it can form a mass inside or outside the anus.

The reasons why some people experience pressure on the veins of the anus are:

  • Constipation, where there is difficulty passing stool and one has to strain a lot to pass stools.

  • Spending too much time sitting on the toilet can strain the muscles and put pressure on the veins.

  • Obesity and pregnancy are risk factors.

  • Anal sex can increase the risk of piles.

  • A low-fiber diet can affect smooth bowel movement leading to straining.

  • Regularly lifting heavy objects.

An anal fissure is a cut in the anus. It is a crack that pains severely when passing stools. It can be a small cut or a large one. Generally, fissures heal on their own. In some cases, they can enlarge and cause bleeding. The causes of anal fissures are:

  • Straining while passing stools due to constipation.

  • Inflammatory diseases of the bowel.

  • Anal cancer.

  • Anal sex.

  • Tight anal sphincter muscles.


Treatment for this problem can be supplemented with ayurvedic medicine for piles and fissure that can greatly help with the recovery process.. The medicine would be given depending on the predominant dosha being imbalanced. Diet plays a major role in ayurvedic treatment. The diet is again determined by the dosha that is imbalanced. A proper diet helps in improving digestion, which can resolve constipation and prevent the problem of straining.

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