JAN 17, 2018

Glowing Skin, Ayurveda Way

Dust, Pollution, Weather, Junk food & most importantly age, all these can take quite a toll on your skin. There are just so many skin issues to deal with –

       • Acne

       • Wrinkles

       • Sagging skin

       • Pigmentation

       • Dark spots

       • Dark circles

       • Scars

Everyone wants a soft, smooth and glowing Skin. Unfortunately, most of us have to put up with not one, but multiple skin problems.


Young or Old, Everyone seems to have Skin problems


Youngsters have to deal with excess Sebum production, which ends up blocking the skin pores, resulting in acne and eventually, scars. As we age, the collagen production in our skin takes quite a beating – that is the reason why enough new skin cells are not produced,  in turn leading to skin problems.

Ayurveda may have a solution for your skin problems. For the uninitiated, Ayurveda blames skin troubles on ‘dosha’ imbalance.

The Dosha-Skin connection

    •  Vata Skin – Dry, Flaky, Ages faster.

    •  Pitta Skin – Sensitive (flares up easily), Prone to Freckles and Moles.

    •  Kapha Skin – Oily, Prone to Pimples, Blackheads and enlarged Pores, but ages Slower.

    •  Combination Skin Combines the problems of any two or all the three doshas.


Get a Glowing Skin the Ayurvedic way


Kerala Ayurveda Limited’s Swarnamukhi Face Cream could just be a natural solution to most of your skin problems. It can be used daily to nourish the skin as it mainly accelerates the formation of new Skin Cells.

Swarnamukhi Face Cream combines the benefits of:

  • Fresh Aloe Vera Juice – Powerhouse of Natural Anti-oxidants that Stimulates Skin Cell Production.
  • Kanaka Thailam – Traditional, time-tested beauty recipe that Improves Skin Texture and protects Skin Tissues against Free Radicals, provides Natural Glow to the Skin, and acts as a Comprehensive Complexion Toner.
  • And Saffron – Ideal Rejuvenating and Skin lightening agent that protects the Skin against Discoloration, Age Spots, Fine Lines and Sun Spots. Saffron provides Fairness and Radiance to the Skin.

In a nutshell, Swarnamukhi Face Cream helps improve the Skin Texture, reduce Fine Lines and restore the elasticity of the Skin. You can also try out  Swarnamukhi Face Pack in combination with the cream for better results.

So, get ready for a youthful-looking Skin that Glows.

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