Uses and Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

kumkumadi oil benefits

Ayurveda describes the five sense organs as the key gateways of the human body when it comes to experiencing the outer sensations. The skin is largely seen as an organ of touch and happens to be one of the most important and largest of the sense organs. There are many valid theories that state that skin health can be indicative of other deficiencies or disorders in the human body. This is why it is absolutely vital to keeping the skin healthy for general wellbeing.

Extensive research has gone into keeping the health of the skin at its best, after which Kerala Ayurveda has come up with a wide range of highly useful products. In particular, the uses of Kumkumadi Tailam and the benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam are many. Importantly, the Kumkumadi Tailam is natural and 100 percent chemical-free, which makes it better than many other skincare products that use different chemicals. An increasing number of individuals are looking for a more natural route when it comes to supplements and remedies for a variety of skin deficiencies and issues. This is what makes Kumkumadi Tailam the best choice. 

According to Ayurveda, healthy skin is a great reflection of all-around health and wellbeing. What that means is that if the human body is functioning at its optimum, then the skin is like a mirror of that fact ie. it will be in great condition too. The skin needs as much care and attention as the rest of all our functioning body parts. 

There are different types of Ayurvedic supplements that are suited for different individuals, but it is first important to understand factors that need to be taken into account before narrowing in on the right remedy. Like with most practices in Ayurveda, it is important to first know what the primary dosha of an individual is. Depending on whether it is a Vata, Pitta, or Kapha dosha, skin types, and skin conditions can be different. Finding the right balance of these Doshas in the human body determines the type of skin as well as the conditions that could occur. We will take a deeper look at this in our next section.


What is Kumkumadi Oil? It’s Benefits and Ingredients

It is said that beauty is skin deep and what matters is the soul. While this is true, one cannot neglect the beauty of the skin. The skin is the first line of defense for the body. It is also what others see first. The appearance and nature of your skin have a relation to how others perceive you. If you have skin that looks young, is well-nourished, and free from blemishes, then you will be considered beautiful. Maintaining skin requires some effort. People use cosmetic products to make their skin look young and beautiful. 

The sad reality that is most cosmetic products have chemicals, some of which can be very harmful. People with sensitive skin experience side effects while using these products. If you are concerned about cosmetics with chemicals and preservatives, then you need to consider using a product that is safe and natural. Ayurveda can help you by providing such a product. The ancient Indian science of wellness offers products that are made from the goodness of nature. They have been used for centuries and are stated to be effective. 

Ayurveda offers wellness products for the skin. Ayurvedic oils and supplements are made from herbs. They are prepared as per the ancient texts written by sages thousands of years ago. One such effective product for skin health is Kumkumadi oil. This oil provides multiple benefits for the skin. The article tells you about the benefits of Kumkumadi oil and how to use it.


Skin Health: Ayurveda’s perspective and treatment

Ayurvedic ways for improving skin health

Ayurveda uses the principles of Doshas (or principal energies) to explain the working of the body. There are three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. If any of these doshas are imbalanced, it causes vitiation in health. This causes health problems, including skin problems. Your skin condition depends on your skin type, which in turn is decided by the prevalent dosha. 

  1. Vata skin is dry and thin. It loses moisture fast. Dry and windy climates can affect such skin causing skin problems. Improper diet is another reason why this skin can become dry fast. Vata skin needs to be moisturized and nurtured to make it healthy. 

  2. Pitta skin is inflamed because of the affinity of Pitta to fire. Pitta skin is oily and can have freckles. Skin problems and acne are common. Stress can affect this type of skin. Pitta skin needs detoxification and cleansing to keep it healthy. 

  3. Kapha skin is smooth and oily in texture. This can lead to the clogging of pores in the skin. This will lead to problems like acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. Excess toxins need to be eliminated to cleanse the Kapha skin. Ayurvedic herbs and a healthy lifestyle can help manage Kapha skin. 

Whether it is to treat skin problems or improve skin health, Ayurveda offers a holistic solution. Ayurveda uses herbs to prepare oils that can nourish the skin. One such oil is Kumkumadi oil. This oil can help balance the vitiation of the doshas. 

Ayurveda also recommends many other solutions for improving skin health. These include: 

  • Use of herbal supplements to balance dosha vitiation.

  • Remaining hydrated by drinking sufficient water.

  • Consuming food that is helpful for the prevalent skin type and dosha.

  • Practicing Yoga to help improve blood circulation.


What is Kumkumadi Oil / Thailam ?

Uses of Kumkumadi Oil


What is Kumkumadi oil

Kumkumadi oil is a herbal oil that helps nourish the skin. The word kumkuma refers to the plant Crocus sativus. This is commonly known as saffron or kesar. This herb is consumed by people and is believed to help in having radiant and glowing skin. The oil is prepared as per the traditional Ayurvedic texts. It is referred to as saffron oil and is stated to have been used to enhance skin health for centuries. The oil can be massaged onto the skin or face and allowed to remain on the face. The benefits of Kumkumadi oil for skin can be seen to be effective with regular usage of the oil.


Uses of Kumkumadi Oil

Kumkumadi oil offers multiple benefits. The Kumkumadi oil benefits for skin are that it helps to moisturize the skin and keep it soft. It helps to enhance the radiance of the skin. The oil being rich in antioxidants helps in improving skin complexion and reducing dark circles. It is very helpful in reducing blemishes and scars on the skin. The benefits of Kumkumadi oil for the face include helping in lightening dark spots. It is overall helpful in improving skin health and nourishing the skin.


Ingredients and their benefits

key ingredients in Kumkumadi oil

The key ingredient in Kumkumadi oil is Crocus sativus. This herb is helpful in improving skin complexion and creating a radiant skin tone. It has been traditionally used to treat skin conditions. It is also used to make a herbal face pack. 

Rubia cordifolia or Manjistha is Indian madder. This herb helps in the purification of blood. This helps to ensure the removal of toxins and well-nourished skin. 

Pterocarpus santalinus or Chandana is sandalwood. The oil from this tree is aromatic and used to prepare soaps. The oil helps to soften skin and improve its tone. It is helpful in treating skin conditions like black spots. 

Nelumbo nucifera or Kamal Kesar is an extract from the lotus plant. It has been used to treat skin diseases. It also helps improve skin complexion. 


Buying the product

Kumkumadi oil comes to you from Kerala Ayurveda, one of the respected names in the world of Ayurveda. The company has a reputation for offering safe, natural, and effective products. We, at Kerala Ayurveda, offer a bouquet of products to meet all your wellness requirements. You can buy Kumkumadi oil directly from our website.

Visit Kerala Ayurveda’s website and browse through the products. You can find Kumkumadi oil as well as other skin health products. You can visit the section on ‘Beauty’ and find many natural products for your skin. Add the products to the shopping cart and checkout. There are many payment options for your convenience. Shipping is free when you place orders worth more than $60. The products of your selection will be delivered to your home in secure packaging. 



1. Can I use Kumkumadi Tailam daily?

One of the best natural moisturizers, Kumkumadi Tailam can help you keep your skin soft and supple throughout the year. To experience all the benefits this powerful Ayurvedic oil has to offer, it is recommended that you use it every day, as part of your daily skincare regimen. 


2. Can people with oily skin use Kumkumadi Tailam?

Yes, Kumkumadi Tailam can be used on all skin types, including oily and dry skin. However, if you have oily skin, make sure to use the oil in moderation. Ideally, you should only massage a few drops of the oil to your face every day. When used in the right manner, the oil will help you maintain a normal, healthy complexion and soft skin. 


3. Can people with acne use Kumkumadi Tailam?

Acne has many different causes, so it’s important to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to understand the underlying cause and treat it accordingly before using any face oil. 


4. Can we apply Kumkumadi Tailam on our face overnight?

Kumkumadi Thailam can be used as a moisturizer and also as a night treatment that is left overnight for exceptional results. It’s a light oil that is easily absorbed by the skin, and this skin rejuvenating oil reduces dark circles, smoothes skin texture, and helps in achieving radiant skin. Kumkumadi oil benefits include a dual benefit of cosmetic need and therapeutic effects to the skin. Kumkumadi Tailam is a superior blend of Ayurvedic herbs like saffron, sandalwood, and turmeric blend together to hydrate and replenish the skin. It also enhances blood circulation and tones the skin when left overnight. Moreover, the powerful extracts from Bael and Indian Trumpet Flower are highly effective in reducing skin dryness and enhancing moisture.


5. Does Kumkumadi oil increase pigmentation?

Kumkumadi Thailam is a potent Ayurvedic herbal solution that helps manage skin discoloration and pigmentation in the most gentle and effective way. It has the Licorice root extract (Madhuyashtika) that helps reduce the enzyme that causes pigmentation from sun exposure. It also eliminates the dark pigmentation resulting from scars. Kumkumadi oil benefits include improving skin radiance, and the Indian Barberry (Kaliyaka) extract reduces the production of skin lipids that helps unclog pores and helps in achieving naturally beautiful skin. For oily skin, only a couple of drops is sufficient to get the desired results.