Dhanwantharam Thailam for body pain

Uses and Benefits of Dhanwantharam Oil

Are you suffering from body pain? Do aches in your back, hands, and feet cause problems? If so, you would have tried out different options to treat the pain. Painkiller medications can relieve pain instantly, but their side effects can be a problem. What you need in this situation is a natural way of dealing with body pain. You need a health product that helps your body aches in a gentle and effective way. Ayurveda offers such a product in the form of Dhanwantharam thailam. The Dhanwantharam thailam benefits and its use is explained in this article.


Body pain – Why does it occur?

reasons for body pain

Chronic pain is a common symptom most people face. Body pain may occur as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, etc. Headaches are another common type of pain people experience. Pain is a symptom that points to some other problem. Ayurveda believes that all problems are related to the energies in our body, known as Doshas. An imbalance in the Doshas can cause ache.

Poor blood circulation is a common reason for pain. Stress and tension can play a role in causing chronic pain. Stress affects the Doshas and can cause a lack of maintenance. A poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, and other reasons can cause swelling and affect the muscles. This can lead to pain. The buildup of toxins (Ama) in the body can occur due to poor diet. These toxins can cause health problems leading to pain.


Dhanwantharam Thailam - What is it?

The Dhanwantharam thailam uses are helpful in making it a safe and effective product that contains ingredients to help in body ache. The product is available in the form of herbal oil. The oil is infused with a number of ingredients that help in providing remedies for aches and pains, and also help understand the root cause of the problem. The imbalance in the Doshas that is the main reason for body pain can be helped through the use of this oil.

The oil when applied to the body penetrates deep into the tissues. This helps ensure the oil’s medicinal qualities reach the tissues. This helps in ensuring the condition is taken care of effectively. The oil is a herbal product that is made from ingredients sourced from nature. The formulation is based on the ancient texts prepared by sages thousands of years ago.

There are no added fragrances or colors in this product. It is free from chemicals and does not contain paraben. This helps make the product safe to use and does not cause side effects. There is no mineral oil or petroleum by-product used. All these help make Dhanwantharam oil a safe and useful product.


Benefits of Dhanwantharam thailam

Benefits of Dhanwantharam thailam

Dhanwantharam thailam is an oil that contains ingredients that help in providing relief from pain in a natural way. The benefits of using this oil are:

  • It helps in maintaining a healthy joint and bone health.
  • It helps in the management of inflammation. When inflammation comes down it helps in reducing pain.
  • It helps to manage cramps in the muscle.
  • Numbness and pain related to nerves can also be helped with this oil.
  • Even pregnant women can use this oil. It would help them during post-pregnancy pain. The pelvic muscles can be helped to maintain through this oil. It can be used for a body massage.
  • An increase in Vata Dosha can lead to increased pain. This oil has ingredients that help provide relief from Vata imbalance. Kapha imbalance can also lead to conditions that cause pain. This oil is helpful in maintaining the energies of the body.
  • Those who suffer from back pain and spondylosis will find this oil very helpful. 
  • It is helpful during headaches.
  • People suffering from arthritis, neuralgia, facial palsy, and paralysis are usually recommended this oil to help manage their condition better.


Ingredients and their benefits

The Dhanvantaram tailam ingredients are herbs that are helpful for dealing with body pain. Some of the ingredients that are used in this product include:

  1. Balamoola (Sida cordifolia): This is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to help in neuromuscular conditions. It also helps in dealing with neurodegenerative conditions. Bala is very helpful in maintaining Vata Dosha.

  2. Yava (Hordeum vulgare): Yava is a common cereal known as barley. It is very helpful for managing joint pains and muscle pains. 

  3. Dashamoola: This is one of the most powerful Ayurvedic formulations. It is made from the roots (moola) of ten (dasha) plants. It is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to provide relief from inflammation. This helps in maintaining the body from swelling.

  4. Kulattha (Dolichos biflorus): This product is known as horse gram commonly. It helps to reduce vitiation in all the three Doshas. It is helpful to maintain the body from inflammation and joint pain.


How to use Dhanwantharam thailam?

Dhanwantharam thailam is an oil that is used for external applications. The regular use of this oil by applying to the area affected or by massaging the body can help in managing body pain. It is known to work on the tissues. This can help in providing relief from chronic conditions.


How to apply Dhanwantharam thailam?

Dhanwantharam thailam can be applied on the body twice a day or as per the physician’s instructions. The oil should be warmed and then applied to the body using a clean cloth. The oil should be ideally massaged onto the body or affected parts. The massage should be done for at least thirty minutes so it goes down to the tissues. The oil can then be washed using warm water.



Dhanwantharam thailam is a wholesome herbal product. Its ingredients can help manage body pain that can occur due to various reasons. If you are sensitive and allergic to conventional pain killers, you will find this product very beneficial. You can buy Dhanvantaram tailam online on Kerala Ayurveda’s e-store. Visit the store and place your order to have it delivered to your home. 




1. Is Dhanwantharam Thailam good for the skin?

The Dhanwantharam Thailam is made up of 28 different herbs that make it abundantly rich in antioxidants. It is a well-documented fact that these antioxidants help in the natural rejuvenation process of skin and body with their nourishing properties. 

While it is primarily recommended for injuries, to help improve circulation, or to help deal with muscle pulls and stress, the Dhanwantharam Thailam uses include massage oil for those with able bodies. A massage regimen or even just daily application of this oil has multiple benefits for the skin and helps improve it. 


2. Does Dhanwantharam Thailam have any side effects?  

Much like a lot of herbal remedies in Ayurveda, the Dhanwantharam Thailam does not have any known side effects when applied externally.

3. Which Ayurvedic oil is best for knee pain?

There are four recommended herbal Ayurvedic oils that have a good track record against knee and joint pains. Every one of these oils is designed to treat a specific Dosha, thereby helping the body eliminate impurities, improving circulation and balancing the Dosha as best as it can.The oils are Dhanwantharam Thailam, Kottam Chukkadi Thailam, Penda Thailam and Valiya Narayan Thailam.


4. What is the difference between Dhanwantharam Thailam and Kuzhambu? 

To answer this, we need to first understand the difference between Thailam and Kuzhambu because there is only a minor difference between the two.

The Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil that has its base with sesame oil, coconut oil, and sometimes mustard oil. Kuzhambu on the other hand blends sesame oil, castor oil, and ghee using a method different to how Thailam is made. The Kuzhambu is known to be a specialty of Kerala.


5. Is it safe for pregnant women to use Dhanwantharam Thailam?

Yes. It is safe and even hugely beneficial for pregnant women to use the Dhanwantharam Thailam. 

During pregnancy, from the sixth or seventh month onwards, the belly will grow to an extent where it stretches the skin to the point of continuous itching. It is at this point where, in pregnancies without complications, Dhanwantharam Thailam uses come in handy.