KAL Subsidiaries

All the above Operations are under KAL and its Subsidiaries.
Your Company has seven subsidiaries as on March 31, 2019:

Sl. No. Name Location % of holding
1 Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India 74%
2 Ayu Natural Medicine Clinic, P.S. USA 100%
3 Ayurvedic Academy Inc. USA 100%
4 Suveda Inc. USA 100%
5 Nutraveda PTE Ltd Singapore 100%
6 CMS Katra Holdings LLC USA 81.67%
7 CMS Katra Nursing LLC (Step Down Subsidiary) USA 100%**

*KAL holds 100% through its Subsidiary CMS Katra Holdings LLC, in CMS Katra Nursing LLC