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Thrivruth Lehyam 

Kerala Ayurveda’s innumerable formulations and treatments have been helping people suffering from various acute or chronic ailments. It has a cure for every possible condition, including infrequent bowel movements. Thrivruth Lehyam is one such formulation that contains ingredients widely known to be used in ayurvedic treatment for constipation and in laxatives. 


About Thrivuth Lehyam

It is an ayurvedic laxative in the form of jam with various ingredients to boost bowel movement. Mostly used in the Panchakarma treatment called Virechana, this medicine is used to counter excess cold qualities of Vata. 


The ingredients used are known to have the following benefits:

  • Fostering bowel movement

  • Used in Panchakarma treatment

  • Improve digestion 

  • Make your heart healthy

  • Gives the desired strength to the body

It is also called Trivrilleham, Trivrit Leham.



  • Trivrit: Operculina turpethum 

  • Trijata: Cinnamon

  • Madhu: Honey


It is used in the formulation of ayurvedic medicine for constipation to remove toxins from the body. Its antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties make it a good option in the treatment of Kapha and Pitta dominant disorders. Along with this, it helps clear or pass the stool from the stomach. 


It is crowned as an exceptional medicinal herb because of its antioxidative nature. It helps the body rebel against various infections, good for diabetic patients, and helps slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract so that stool can be passed down without difficulty. Trijata offers an antispasmodic effect thereby preventing gaseous formation in the stomach. 


Madhu or honey contains enzymes that help in the movement of bowel. This laxative ayurvedic herb also contains potassium to prevent acid from accumulating in the body.


Ayurvedic viewpoint of constipation

Ayurveda says that constipation occurs when the Vata level in the body becomes imbalanced.  When Vata is cold and dry, it results in a disturbance in the stool movement across the colon. The remedy is to warm the body through oil, herbs, and hydration to lower down the excess Vata. Ayurvedic medicine for constipation contains vital herbs and ingredients that can help counter Vata’s cold qualities. 


How does constipation occur?

Constipation occurs when the colon mops up too much water from the stool, making it hard for it to pass out of the body. The food moves through the digestive tract after the digestion and the absorption of the nutrients. The partial digestive food is then passed on from the small intestine to the colon. The role of the colon is to absorb water from this partial digestive food and create waste in the form of stool. In the event of constipation, food slowly passes through the tract which means enough time for the colon to absorb water. Accordingly, the stool becomes hard and difficult to pass out.


How common is constipation?

If you have constipation, learn that you are not the only one in this battle of accumulated stool in your stomach. It is one of the common gastrointestinal problems every human face once in their lifetime. People of all ages may have occasional instances of infrequent bowel movement, but it is just that certain people may have it more frequently, leading to chronic constipation. 

Age: Those who are older have more instances of constipation because of lower metabolism or weakness of the contracting muscles near their digestive tract. 

Pregnant woman: Changes in the woman’s hormones also results in constipation. The fetus in the womb squeezes the intestines, making it hard for the stool to pass out. 

Patients: The patients who have some underlying neurological disorders.

People with low-fiber intake: Fiber promotes bowel movements. If you consume less fiber, then your odds of having constipation are more.


Why is curing constipation necessary?

Constipation should be early treated or else it may turn life-threatening in the later stages. There are a few of the comorbidities that may predispose an individual to painful situations such as:

  • Inflammation of the veins in the rectum causing swelling

  • Damage to the pelvic floor muscles because of the pressure to move the bowels. These muscles are also responsible for controlling the bladder. Too much strain may cause the urine to leak because of the pressure causing urine incontinence

  • Infection in the places off the colon where the stool traps

  • Tearing of the lining of the anus due to hardened stool and the pressure to pass it

  • Too much stool in the rectum when get piled up may cause fecal impaction


What may cause you constipation?

Causes of constipation may include:

  • Eating a diet low in fiber

  • Dehydration

  • Less physical activity

  • Changing dietary habits

  • Eating too much cheese

  • Stress

  • Resisting the stool as the urge occurs



Consume as specified by your ayurvedic physician. Preferably take it with honey, milk or water after dinner. 



  1. Keep the medicine out of reach of the children

  2. Overdose may trigger side effects



Skin Diseases of Inflammatory Nature, Erysipelas, Itching, Carbuncle, Chronic Ulcer, Fistula, Fistula-in-ano, Lymphadenitis, Vesicles Inflammation and Oedema.


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