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Durvadi Keram

Durvadi Keram is an oil-based product that is a prefered Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease. It is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation that is used to help in the treatment of skin problems that are characterised by itching such as dermatitis and eczema. This skincare medication is formulated with coconut oil and Durva grass extracts that are processed as per the ancient Sahasrayogam texts. Both these ingredients are known not only for their medicinal value but also for the beneficial effect that they have on the health and appearance of the skin. 

Regular use of Durvadi Keram oil externally as directed by your Ayurvedic physician helps to resolve skin conditions and control the extreme itchiness that accompanies the conditions. This ancient Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease also supports the restoration of healthy and glowing skin. It helps wounds on the skin heal quickly and aids in restoring complexion.



Coconut Oil

  • Cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil is an integral component in traditional skincare routines as well as an Ayurvedic medicine for itching and skin problems. 

  • It is also used as a home remedy for a host of skin and scalp issues. 

  • Coconut oil when applied topically to the skin creates a moisture-locking barrier that helps the skin to retain hydration.

  • Coconut oil is used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties that relieve skin irritation and itching.

  • The anti-oxidant, protein and Vitamin E content of coconut oil boost the skin health and is believed to also be anti-ageing. It eliminates the dryness that is caused by the toxic buildup of Ama (metabolic waste). 

  • Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that help in Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease eczema as well as other skin infections. 

Durva (Cynodon Dactylon)

  • The Durva grass holds a special spiritual and medicinal significance in Indian traditions. 

  • It is considered to be one of the most versatile Ayurvedic medicines. It is especially good at promoting a good and healthy complexion of the skin.

  • Its medicinal properties as per the Ayurvedic system are astringent, cooling, demulcent, restorative and moisturising. 

  • It is one of the most important ingredients in many Ayurvedic medicines for dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

  • It is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines for skin itching and in the treatment of prickly heat and other skin problems arising due to Pitta imbalances. 

  • It is also used in Ayurvedic formulations that are used to treat wounds and aid their healing process.

  • It is said to be an effective ingredient to help clear blemishes and restore the complexion. 



The Durvadi Keram is available as oil for external application only. It is not to be taken internally. Dosage as per the instructions of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Self-medication is not advised. 


Ayurvedic Perspective On Skin Issues

  • Ayurveda observes the skin of a patient for diagnosis as a person’s skin is a good indicator of the Dosha balances. A person who has the three Doshas in balance is generally observed to have glowing and healthy skin. It is literally a glow of good health. 

  • When there are issues with the skin, the nature of the skin problem can be determined by observing the colour and characteristics of the skin problem.

  • The dry nature of the Vata Dosha when aggravated can cause skin problems that have symptoms of pain, prickling, dryness and a rough texture.

  • A Pitta Dosha skin problem is observed to be red or coppery in colour and tends to have oozing. One example of a common Pitta skin problem is Acne.

  • Skin with Kapha Dosha imbalance is itchy, oily and is pale in colour. 

  • The digestive process is given prime importance in Ayurvedic medicine. If the metabolic process is not efficient, it causes the formation of the metabolic waste Ama. This Ama is a cause of many health issues. When Ama builds up it can cause problems with the Bhrajaka Pitta.

  • Ayurveda classifies the different tissue types as Dhatus. The main Dhatus (tissues) that are involved in skin problems are Rakta (blood), Rasa (plasma), Lasika (lymph) and Mamsa (muscle).

  • Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease is used to help eliminate the toxic Ama buildup. It also seeks to restore the balance of the three Doshas.

  • The topical application of Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease such as Durvadi Keram helps reduce itching, inflammation and speed up healing. 

  • The skin rejuvenating properties of Durvadi Keram also improve the health and appearance of the skin. 

  • Durvadi Keram helps support the fading of skin blemishes and promotes good skin health.

  • The ingredients used in the Durvadi Keram also have antimicrobial and healing properties that fight infections and speed up healing.

  • Durvadi Keram is prepared in a base of coconut oil in which both the juice and paste forms of Durva are added. 

  • Different foods have different effects on each Dosha. Ayurvedic treatments also prescribe lifestyle and dietary changes as per the specific Dosha imbalance that is found in the patient. 


Skin Problems

Eczema is a genetic condition that is more frequently found in children. It is characterised by very itchy rashes found in the fold and joints of the body. It generally resolves as the child grows older. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that is seen as plaques that form scaly patches on the skin. It happens more frequently at the elbows and knees but can also be found on other parts of the body. It is an inflammatory condition that is frequently accompanied by other health conditions that are caused by inflammation such as cardiovascular diseases. Western medicine treats psoriasis with immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and steroids. It is a skin condition that is managed and that has no cure. Itchy skin conditions are treated with antihistamines as internal medication or topical application. It advocates a balanced diet with adequate nutrition as well as a healthy lifestyle to have healthy skin.





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