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Dasamoolam Kwath

Depression is turning out to be increasingly talked about issue in our everyday lives. It is classified as a series of mood swings, sadness, loss, anxiety, anger, or any negative emotions that separates us from our happy being. It is fairly common in every age group. However, lack of awareness on how it can affect us inward and outward can take a toll on our lives.  Often we believe that depression is common so it is not something we should be worried about. Moreover, we feel ashamed when we think of this word because people do share a common myth that it is a mental disability.

 It is certainly not a mental disability.  It is just a state of mind when one is not able to appreciate the things around and feel blue. Yes, you do need medicines to get over it, but that depends upon the severity of your condition.

Dasamoolam Kwath is a combination of 10 rare herbs used in ayurvedic medicine for depression. The herbs in this medicine are widely used in Ayurveda for curing various conditions related to nerves, muscles, and joints. The medicine has its name derived from Sanskrit, Dash which means Ten and Mool means Roots. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, sedative, and distress boost the production of hormones in the body which may help relieve stress. 



  • Aegle Marmelos – Bilva (Indian Bael)

  • Premna Serratifolia (Premna Mucronata & Premna Integrifolia) – Agnimantha (Arani)

  • Oroxylum Indicum – Shyonaka

  • Stereospermum Suaveolens – Patala

  • Gmelina Arborea – Gambhari (Beech wood/Kasmari)

  • Solanum Indicum – Brihati (Indian Nightshade)

  • Solanum Xanthocarpum – Kantakari

  • Desmodium Gangeticum – Shalaparni

  • Uraria Picta – Prishnaparni

  • Tribulus Terrestris – Gokshura


Health benefits 


The above ingredients are used in the ayurvedic treatment for depression, to help reduce the stress level in the body. Formulations made using these, are known to help relax nerves, veins, and muscles so that the body is feel stress-free and functions at its best.


Those who are under stress are unable to sleep properly due to chronic issues related to stress. Dasamoolam Kwath is made from fine herbs in nature that can help the body feel relaxed so that you can sleep properly. The sedative properties of certain ingredients may help during days when you find it hard to sleep.

Respiratory issues: 

Breathing, coughing, sneezing, is common in those where the tridoshas are not in balance. By working on that imbalance, Dasamoolam Kwath may help get relief from respiratory problems. Its antipyretic properties may help regulate Kapha also. A number of ingredients are available that help with oedema treatment and other respiratory ailments.


Sterospermum Suaveoleus in this diuretic improves the lining of the digestive tract and promotes digestion power. 


It helps flush out excess toxins from the body. It is a natural detoxifier that purifies blood and gives strength to the muscles and nerves thereby.


Ayurvedic treatment for depression

In the viewpoint of Ayurveda, depression or stress comes in three different types. 

Vata Depression

With excess Vata movement in the neurological system, you may feel fear, insomnia or sleepless nights, anxiety, and nervousness. Along with Dasamoolam Kwath, you can also take tulsi and sage tea or rub the top of the head and the toes with sesame oil as a home remedy for excessive sleepiness treatment. Vata balance can also be regulated by spending quality time with your family and loved ones. 

Pitta Depression

It is a dangerous form of depression according to Ayurveda because it may trigger emotions which may cause you to commit suicide actions. So, consult a physician or psychiatrist at the earliest for support. The feelings associated with Pitta's depression include anger, fear, sense of losing control in your surroundings, anxiety that you may fail. 

Those who have Pitta personalities may have mild depression in the winter season because of Pitta aggravation. To regulate Pitta's depression, you can try meditation for 15 minutes daily, and do head and foot massage with coconut oil. 

Kapha Depression

This form of depression is triggered because of variation in the Kapha balance. Those with Kapha's depression may feel lazy, drowsy, sluggish, gain weight, and tend to sleep a lot. Dasamoolam Kwath can help individuals with Kapha depression overcome excessive sleepiness. For such types of depression, fasting alternate days, being physically active and drinking ginger tea can help during the treatment.


Consume as specified by your ayurvedic physician. Preferably take it with honey, milk or water after dinner. 


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