Ayurveda Immunity Build Kit

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Ayurveda Immunity Build Kit

Resigest tablets | Imugest tablets | Indukantham kwath tablets


Build Immunity; Resist infections

Our body has the ability to prevent harmful infections. This capability called Immunity helps the human body to resist the infection of foreign bodies including viruses, bacteria & other parasites.

This is achieved through a combination of various cell-mediated mechanisms. Ayurveda calls this ability “Vyadhiprathirodham”.  Immunity of the body can be improved & strengthened using authentic Ayurveda herbs.



Resigest  Tablets:  Helps strengthen the optimal functioning of the respiratory system. Herbs like Tulsi, Neem & Guduchi helps in fighting against infectious parasites.

Imugest Tablets: Imugest Tablet is a safe and effective combination with proven immunomodulatory anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties. It helps improve immunity.

Indukantham Kwath Tablets: Helps improve general immunity. It helps relieve general infections. Supports healthy metabolism.


Four Important Steps to Prevent Infections

  • Prevent close contact with people who are sick.
  • Always disinfect your hands with soap & water or a good alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Use protective facemasks to prevent airborne pathogens.
  • Contact a medical care provider if you see any infection signs.


Suggested Use

For first 21 days of usage

  • Imugest Tablets - 1 tab twice daily before food at least for a period of 21 days
  • Resigest Tablets - 1 tab twice daily before food at least for a period of 21 days

For Next 21 days of usage

  • Indukantham Kwath Tablets - 2 tabs twice daily before food for the next 21 days

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