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Ayurvedic Women Care

Women go through various bodily changes throughout their life. Women's health and wellness gravely affect that of the future generation. As hormone levels fluctuate during their entire life, they need approcpriate care for the same too. Women's hormonal imbalance subjects them to stress, fatigue, joint pain, heart concerns, and many other mental and physical ailments. The care that they are due can only reach its full potential through Ayurvedic means. A lifestyle encompassed by Ayurvedic dietary practices and healing can ease and rejuvenate the mind and body significantly.

Some of the common lifestyle concerns that women face throughout their life are reproductive health concerns, stress and other mental health issues, prenatal and postnatal care, menopause, etc. Ayurvedic medicine and tonic have a soothing effect in cases of pain management, especially during menstruation. The loss of energy due to these issues combined with the need for excess energy to face them puts them in a seemingly uncontrollable cycle of overwhelming exhaustion. Ayurveda for women's health offers a revitalising experience to them with the wide range of tonics, medicines, and supplements that the world of Ayurveda offers. Ayurvedic concoctions and supplements made up of herbs and spices have various health benefits that maintain and protect a woman's body. Taking care of one's body can take all shapes and forms - it can even be through skincare that one achieves this feat as it beautifies the skin and establishes a routine in their lifestyle.

Kerala Ayurveda recognises the need for Ayurvedic care for women. Therefore, we offer various products for women's holistic care of the mind and body.

  • Gestatone is a natural galactagogue given to a woman during the postnatal period to improve breast milk production. Its positive effects on a woman's digestive system ensure the health and safety of both the mother and the baby. It also prevents anaemia in the mother.
  • Iogen Syrup is another supplement made of naturally processed iron and herbs that fight anaemia and iron deficiency in the body. Its natural composition helps facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body. It increases haemoglobin levels in the body.
  • In order to relieve symptoms of perimenopause, using Menovin tablets is recommended the most. Although regulation of hormones is a tricky business in most cases, Menovin tablets balance the estrogen levels in a woman's body most safely. It also helps in menstrual regulation.
  • Skin concerns caused by stress, pollution or hormonal imbalance can be very difficult to manage. Often, trying to help maintain the skin can cause further skin concerns. In such cases, Ayurvedic skincare products like Swarnamukhi Face Cream and Face Pack are a lifesaver. It is proven to reduce fine lines and enhance the glow of the skin. The use of Chandana has a therapeutic effect on the women who have used it.

Ayurveda for women is unlike anything else as it focuses on holistic development and cares for their mind and body. Moreover, natural ingredients prevent further stress and other health oncerns for a woman as it dramatically reduces the risk of side effects.

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