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The wide range of Ayurvedic gastro care products from Kerala Ayurveda offer natural, chemical-free remedies to help manage digestion-related issues like acidity, gastroenteritis, constipation, heartburn, gas and peptic ulcer.

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Best Ayurvedic Gastric Syrup and Ayurvedic Gastrocare Tablets

Finding relief can be your top priority while you are dealing with gastric problems. From immense pain to limitless discomfort, gas concerns can make your life challenging in a variety of ways.

Certainly, the diet needs to be moderated if one wishes to avoid these concerns. However, that may not always be possible or helpful. Gas concerns can often crop up for many reasons such as smoking, too much drinking, or drinking from a straw or not chewing your food down, but swallowing instead.

In cases like these, any individual may feel the urge to resort to the best Ayurvedic medicine for gas problems. But is that always the best solution? While these medicines may help cover the symptoms, some individuals avoid them for one reason or another.

Ayurvedic provides an alternate gastro medicine that can be helpful here.

At the Kerala Ayurveda’s gastro Ayurvedic medicine store, you can find Laxino-H capsules, Alsactil capsules, Pilogest capsules, Triphala churna, Dasamoola-jeerakarishtam, Draksharishtam, and many more solutions.

These gastro supplements can help as they are composed of natural laxatives, that help not only give relief from constipation, but also smoothen down the digestion process.

Ingredients of Ayurvedic Medicine for Gastric Concerns

For a better understanding of how Ayurvedic gastro medicine may help, here’s a list of ingredients that go into our gastro help products.

Svarnapatri (Cassia angustifolia)

  • Very strong laxative
  • Used in Ayurveda to increase intestinal fluids
  • Useful in acute as well as chronic constipation

Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)

  • Indian gooseberry
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Anti-oxidant, immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory

Harithaki (Terminalia chebula)

  • Balance all three Doshas
  • Helps detoxify
  • Supports healing

Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)

  • Supports Rasa and Mamsa Dhatus
  • Antibacterial, antiinflammatory

Eeranda (Ricinus communis)

  • Balances Vata Dosha.
  • Laxative.

Each of these ingredients, in one way or another contributes towards a better digestion process. With these ingredients by your side, you may not have to worry much about your bowel movements, as your digestive health gets restored to its natural normal.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Ayurvedic medicine for gastric concerns.

1. Are Ayurvedic Medicines safe for Gastric Concerns?

The ancient science of Ayurveda has a variety of solutions for various digestive concerns. Whether you experience bloating, or heavy gas, Ayurvedic solutions may help you. Even though Ayurveda mostly uses naturally occurring herbs that are free from side effects, it’s advisable to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before any dosage.

2. Which Ayurvedic Medicine is Best for Acidity

While the choice of medicine should largely depend on the concern that you are facing, the following bunch of herbs may help with most of your gastric and acidity concerns:

  • Shatavari - 3 grams, twice a day with milk
  • Yashtimadhu - 3 grams, twice a day with milk
  • Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) - 3 grams, twice a day with water
  • Sunthi (dry ginger) - 1-3 grams, twice a day with water

3. How can I naturally improve my digestive system?

Here are some suggestions to follow:

  • Uses these spices while cooking your food - turmeric, cumin, fennel seeds, coriander, and hing (asafetida)
  • Have ginger tea twice a day
  • Avoid consuming cold or iced liquids
  • Don’t keep snacking when not hungry

Additionally, to keep gastric concerns at bay, you can try out Kerala Ayurveda’s range of products.

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