Gaining weight can lead to many complications. Obesity may pose serious threats to cardiovascular health and cerebral health. Ayurveda has always regarded fitness as one of the main factors to health and obesity as a menace to longevity. Kerala Ayurveda physicians have designed an effective yet safe protocol to lose weight and gain health. Our specially designed program with Ayurveda treatments, herbal medicines & diet combined will make your weight loss journey an enjoyable one.


DOCTOR'S CONSULT - A personal consult helps the physician to understand the pathology of the client in-depth and enables him to design and customize the program accordingly.

AYURVEDA TREATMENTS - Weight reduction treatments such as Udwarthana coupled with sudation stimulates the hair follicles & enhances fat mobilization and thus causes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. The most promising effect is slimming of the body.

HERBAL MEDICINES - Ayurveda gives a lot of emphasis to maintain optimal metabolic health so that weight reduction becomes easier. Ayurveda helps to correct the metabolic errors which might have led to weight gain in the first place.

DIET: HEALTHY & TASTY - Most people love their food and do not want to chew on food that is not tasty. That is why we teamed up with nutritionists to design a menu that would bust the myth that tasty food is not healthy.