Let’s agree to this, stress cannot be omitted from the modern day life. Be it work or personal commitments at family, stress accompanies us each day. This surely has a deteriorating effect on our wellness – both physical & mental. Ayurveda opines that the mental wellness is closely related to physical wellness and vice versa. That is why the doyens of Ayurveda have formulated specific treatments and medicines to help relieve stress so that your life can be blissful, naturally.


TALK TO OUR DOCTORS - Walk into one of our clinics and talk to our doctors. They will help you to understand how to manage stress with a minimal negative impact on your health and support you with medicines and treatments if necessary.

GET A SIRO-DHARA, IT WORKS! - Siro-dhara rejuvenates and revitalizes body and mind and ultimately strengthens the physical constitution of the individual and also relieves stress and strain related problems. Plus great sleep is a bonus!

BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT, RELAX - Proper way of breathing can help you focus and help you solve your issues at work and home easily. Pranayama helps to relieve stress immensely while helping you to keep your calm.

AYURVEDA MEDICINES - There is nothing wrong with procuring support when you need some. Talk to our doctors for safe & herbal remedies which will help you to fight stress and attain wellness.