Diabetes is one of the major diseases the world is facing today. Diabetes Mellitus as called by doctors refers to a group of metabolic diseases where the blood glucose levels remain high over a limit. It usually happens either due to no production of Insulin or decreased production of insulin and resistance of body cells towards the action of insulin. Kerala Ayurveda has developed Ayurveda treatment protocols and products to manage Diabetes & its complications effectively.


IN-DEPTH AYURVEDA CONSULTS - The consultation is the heart of our program where the doctor will assess you to understand the current pathological status of your Diabetes.

AYURVEDA BODY PROCEDURES - Once the consultation is finished the physician may prescribe Ayurveda Body procedures like Udwarthana to help heal faster.

AYURVEDA HERBAL MEDICINES - Specially formulated Ayurveda medicines will help to bring the body’s metabolism to perform in optimal capacity and reduce blood glucose levels.

EAT MERRILY - Diabetes management cannot be successful without creative interference in the diet. Kerala Ayurveda has been always committed to the goal of healthy eating to curb illnesses.