Joint Care Issues? Murivenna Oil Can Help 

Joint pain can be extremely painful. Imagine if walking down the stairs or even getting up from your chair becomes painful. This can happen due to joint pain that can affect any of the joints in the body. There could be various reasons for joint pain. Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints. While arthritis and many other conditions could be chronic, Kerala Ayurveda, has, for many years now been coming up with effective oils for joint pain. You must be wondering which is the best oil for joint pain? Keep reading to find out.
In general, there could be a multitude of issues that cause joint pain. For example, the most common are arthritis, tendonitis, and osteoporosis. All of these are known to usually occur in slightly older people, but with even youngsters leading sedentary lifestyles owing to professional requirements, joint issues, frozen shoulders and pains have become rampant. Instead of thinking about how to cure frozen shoulders quickly, it’s best you start with preventive measures to reduce the chances of frozen shoulders or any other joint pain. From the Ayurvedic perspective, joint pains are caused due to a Vata imbalance and Kerala Ayurveda’s remedies resolve just this, making them the most effective oils for joint pain. 
With joint pain, you don’t feel like moving. But if you don’t move, the joints become stiff and the problems can worsen. Medicines can help, but the side effects can be a problem. There is a need for a natural way to treat joint pain, a wellness-based approach to strengthening the joints. This is what Ayurveda provides. The ancient Indian system of healing helps manage joint pain naturally. 
Ayurveda has a great range of herbal supplements and oils that have a proven track record in remedying joint pain. Apart from the oils and supplements, Ayurveda also suggests making changes in other aspects of life to help the process. Lifestyle changes, dietary changes, managing stress et cetera are important, in addition to taking the supplements right


Joint Pain: Ayurveda’s perspective on it

Joint pain is essentially related to the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda. Vyana Vata that regulates circulation can be imbalanced. This results in a lack of nourishment for the bone tissues. This ultimately results in the degeneration of the bone tissues. Shleshaka Kapha governs the lubrication of joints and dries up due to weakened circulation. This affects the lubrication of joints resulting in reduced flexibility. 
Joint pain can also be caused by the increase in toxins or Ama. Cold and humid weather can aggravate this condition resulting in Amavisha. All these three toxins severely affect the joints causing morphological changes in the bone structure. This can lead to chronic problems.


How to treat joint pain with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda recommends a host of solutions to deal with joint pain. All these when implemented together can help in the effective management of joint pain and related symptoms. Some of the suggestions in Ayurveda for managing joint pain are: 

  • Use of herbal supplements and oils to pacify vitiation in Vata Dosha and Shleshaka Kapha. When the vitiated Dosha is balanced, it helps to restore health.

  • There are many Ayurvedic therapies that help rid the body of toxins, the most famous being the Panchakarma. These therapies go to the root of the issue and help the system recover naturally. Ayurveda also has multiple massage therapies that slowly help strengthen the joints and help get rid of the problem once and for all. 

  • Diet plays a major role in the production of toxins in the body. The food to be consumed should pacify the affected Dosha. It should also be suitable for the weather. Warm, light and dry foods can help reduce Vata. Sweet, sour, and salty food should be preferred over other tastes. The use of ghee and spices in cooking is recommended.

  • Weight management is another rudimentary aspect to keep in mind when weight issues are being tackled. Individuals are encouraged to exercise right and eat right in order to maintain an optimum weight that will not have an adverse effect on the joints. Being on the heavier side puts a lot of strain on the joints thereby worsening the condition of joint pain.

  • Lifestyle changes are needed to manage any health condition. This includes waking up and going to bed at the same time. Food must be eaten at the same time daily. At least six to eight hours of sleep is needed.

  • Simple exercises and a few less complex Yoga Asanas can help in ensuring the mobility of the joints. This can be very helpful in managing joint pain. Cycling, swimming, and doing regular stretches will also ensure the body doesn’t become too stiff and motor abilities are kept fluid.  


Which is the best oil for treating joint pain?

Now coming back to your question about which is the best oil for joint pain. One of the best-known oils to manage joint pain is Murivenna Oil. This oil is helpful in restoring tissue integrity and promotes developing bone health. The word Murivenna comes from the Malayalam language. Muri stands for wound and enna stands for oil. Murivenna is a healing oil. The oil can help heal wounds and also help provide relief from pain. 


How to treat joint pain?


Joint pain can be managed and treated through Murivenna oil, which is available in a bottle containing 200 ml. It needs to be applied to the affected area with a gentle massage. The oil should not be washed off and allowed to remain so that it penetrates into the tissues. Regular usage helps to ensure effective results. Murivenna oil is helpful in balancing vitiated Vata Dosha.



Which essential oil is good for general joint pain or for arthritis?

Whether as a result of arthritis or not, knee pain can be managed effectively by using Murivenna oil. The regular application of this oil can help in effectively managing joint and knee pain.


Benefits of Murivenna 

The Murivenna oil uses range from helping to heal wounds to helping to manage arthritis. It can help provide relief from the symptoms of arthritis that causes severe joint pain. People who suffer from knee pain would find this oil very helpful. Apart from its use to manage joint pain, the oil is also used to help relieve symptoms of backache, frozen shoulder, and spondylitis. 

While there are many issues involving the joints, frozen shoulder is one of the more painful ones and gets worse if not treated. Before getting into the best ways to cure a frozen shoulder, it is important to understand the issue.

As the name suggests, a frozen shoulder is a condition wherein the shoulder’s movements are restricted due to stiffness. Ayurveda describes this as Apabahuka, a problem of the shoulder arising from a high level of Vata in the body. In the case of a chronic frozen shoulder, what happens first is the individual finds it hard to move the shoulder. If not treated right, with time the tissues around the shoulder begin to become thick and further hamper mobility. Eventually, even simple motor skills like moving the arm up and down become laborious. These are exactly the situations that are tailormade to use the Murivenna oil, a proven way to cure frozen shoulder


Ingredients and their benefits 


One of the ingredients used in preparing Murivenna Oil is Moringa oleifera or drumstick leaf. It is rich in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is very helpful in managing the symptoms of joint and bone pain, as it is osteo-protective in nature. 

Pongamia Pinnata or Karanja Patra can help balance imbalances in Vata and Kapha Doshas. It is helpful in reducing inflammation and thus provides relief from joint pain. It is known for its wound healing properties. 

Allium cepa or the onion, a common vegetable used in cooking forms a part of the ingredients used to make this oil. Onion helps balance vitiated Vata Dosha. Hence, it helps reduce the symptoms of joint pain, aches, and inflammation. 

Betel leaf or Piper betel is a traditional medicine used for various ailments. It is very helpful in reducing Vata Dosha. It has analgesic properties and helps relieve symptoms of pain. 


Buying the product 

Murivenna oil is a 100% herbal oil that is free from chemicals, fragrances, colors, and chemicals of any type. This natural oil helps in healing joints and aches. The product comes from a 75-year old company that has made a name for itself in the international market. Kerala Ayurveda’s Murivenna oil represents the goodness of nature. This product is available for sale on Kerala Ayurveda’s website. 

Visit the website and go to the joint, bone and muscle health category where you can find this oil. You can shop for other Ayurvedic wellness products when you visit their e-store. Once you are done shopping, check out your shopping cart, and pay online. Secured payment using different payment modes are available. Shipping is free when you buy products for more than $60. Place your order now and use this wellness product to strengthen your joints and manage the pain.