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Shirodhara - Oil Meditation

Shirodhara – The Sacred Oil Meditation Therapy This therapy is also called “third eye oil meditation” because during the therapy the vital point or called the third eye gets stimulated. The third eye is situated in the m... Read More


Learn About All the Benefits and Uses of Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil

Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil "Learn to love your body and it will automatically take care of you". This is the train of thought you can find widely discussed in beauty forums, international ad campaigns, and conventions. Ay... Read More


Ayurvedic Massage: Complete Guide For Your Overall Wellness

Complete Guide To Ayurvedic Massages Who wouldn’t like a relaxing massage after a tiring day or when you take a break after a hectic schedule? Getting a massage done by a professional masseur can not just make you feel relaxed but it... Read More


10 benefits of using kumkumadi tailam oil | Kerala Ayurveda India

kumkumadi oil benefits Ayurveda describes the five sense organs as the key gateways of the human body when it comes to experiencing the outer sensations. The skin is largely seen as an organ of touch and happens to be one of the most important... Read More


The Best Way To Get Rid of Body Pain Is Through Dhanwantharam Thailam

Uses and Benefits of Dhanwantharam Oil Are you suffering from body pain? Do aches in your back, hands, and feet cause problems? If so, you would have tried out different options to treat the pain. Painkiller medications can relieve pain instan... Read More


Know all About Benefits of Using Murivenna Oil for Joint Care

Joint Care with Murivenna Oil: Everything You Need to Know Those who suffer from joint pain know how frustrating it can be, especially pain in the knee joints can be debilitating. Getting up from bed or even getting out of a chair can cause te... Read More


What is Shirodhara Therapy? Shirodhara Uses, Benefits, and More!

Shirodhara Therapy: Benefits, and Important Details! What is Shirodhara? The therapeutic effects of hair massage induce pleasure and this makes you forget your worldly worries and drift off to sleep faster. Shirodhara is a more relaxed and t... Read More


Complete Guide To Ayurvedic Massages

Complete Guide To Ayurvedic Massages Tiredness and body pain are two of the most common scenarios occurring at the end of a long day. Whether you work at a desk job, or have a traveling job that requires you to commute a lot - your back, thighs, a... Read More