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Shishu Abhyanga (Baby Massage) - Benefits, How To Perform, FAQ

Shishu Abhyanga (Baby Massage) - Benefits, How To Do, FAQ In our lifespan, we tend to grow most rapidly during our childhood years. The bones lengthening, muscles becoming sturdier, sense organs getting stronger; brain growing rapidly, so does... Read More


Best way to Boost your immunity is through Ayurveda

immunity boosting through Ayurvedic herbs The world is constantly changing, and pollution levels and stress have been on the rise rapidly. These conditions are highly detrimental for the human body and staying healthy has become a massive... Read More


How to: Boosting Children’s Immune System with Ayurveda

How To Increase Immunity In Kids Childhood is the most magical time of one's life. At this age, youngsters may discover the joy of learning new things. When a child is in good health, they can fully appreciate life's exciting adventure... Read More