Oral Hygiene, Ayurveda Way

In Ayurveda, maintaining oral hygiene has boral-cavityeen practiced extensively as a part of “Dinacharya” self care regimen for accomplishing health and longevity.



Oral Hygiene, the Ayurvedic Way. Is Oil pulling Really Beneficial?


The regime starts with the ideal waking time followed by cleaning of teeth and tongue, applying collyrium to the eyes, then the administration of classical oil into nasal cavity followed by maintaining oral hygiene, etc.

Most of the people believe that brushing teeth and tongue scraping are the only methods beneficial for oral hygiene. But did you know that brushing only does 25% of your oral cleansing.  Additional therapy like “oil pulling” is required for maintaining an excellent oral health.

Oil pulling is a simple process of swishing or rinsing oil inside the mouth, a growing trend. It is said that, oil pulling cures about 30 systemic diseases, ranging from migraine to Diabetes and Asthma.

The concept of oil pulling isn’t new. This wonderful therapy traces its root from Ayurveda, dated back around 4thcentury BC, and have recently gained lot of attention and popularity. During ancient days, this therapy was strictly followed as a daily regimen or Dinacharya to combat commonly occurring dental problems like tooth sensitivity, cavity, shaky tooth and bad breath.

Kavala and Gandusha are the two specialized oral cleansing therapy to treat and prevent oral diseases. There is a little difference between the two.  In gandusha the medicated decotion or oil is filled in the oral cavity for certain period without gargling whereas, in kavala the medicine is hold in the oral cavity followed by gargling for certain time.

Thus oil pulling is nothing but the ‘kavala’ therapy mentioned in Ayurveda. This need to be incorporated into your daily routine to improve health and longevity.

The ancient technique of swishing/ rinsing is not done with oil alone. Astanga Hridaya, a classical ayurvedic text has mentioned the use of honey, milk, warm water, sour gruel , meat soup, cows urine etc for swishing which helps to get rid of the disease of head, neck, ears , eyes and mouth.

Kavala can be adopted by both healthy and diseased person. For a healthy person, Ayurveda advises regular use of sesame oil or Arimedadi tailam medicated oil mentioned in Sahasrayoga for rinsing). In case of diseases of oral cavity, the physician advises a particular medicated liquid for swishing.


Benefits of Kavala/ Oil Pulling

Adopt oil swishing daily and reap the numerous health benefits.


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