Weight-loss, Ayurveda way

A specific diet alone may not be enough if healthy and natural weight loss is what you aim at. Ayurveda, the science of life elucidates a different approach to stay fit, that encompass a healthy diet, lifestyle, specific treatments, and time-tested formulations.




-- What does Ayurveda say?

-- What to eat and what not to?

-- How to reduce weight naturally?


What does Ayurveda say?



What to eat and what not to?



A balanced diet chart prepared by considering the above tips can certainly help you in your goal towards achieving optimum weight loss, naturally.


How to reduce weight naturally?



“Laghavam karma-samarthyam, deeptognirmedasahkshya,
                           Vibhakta Ghana-gatratvam, vyayamatupajayate II” 
     (AH Su 2/11)    




                      ēkaṁdravāṇām, ēkaṁpunarvātapittaślēṣmaṇām II”         (Ch. Vi. 2/3)


"That is, two parts of your stomach should be filled with both solid and liquid food and the third portion should be left free for the doshas. This facilitates optimum digestion and avoids unwanted fat deposition in your body."




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