Ayurvedic medicines for piles and fissures: Is natural remedy an option?

The way we prioritise our lifestyle activities in the modern day has led to our health taking a significant hit. Irregular eating routines, junk food and problems related to digestion have resulted in a drastic increase in piles and fissures among people. Natural remedies and medicines from Kerala Ayurveda can help identify pain points in patients suffering from piles and related issues and nurture them on their journey to wellness.



The modern world has transformed people virtually into a blur where life moves at a hectic pace. We have shaped our lifestyles and day-to-day activities to accommodate this breathless journey between work and family. 

The result? The unimaginable toll it takes on our body and the gradual damage that takes place on a daily basis. Diseases and ailments commonly seen among 60 and 70 year olds a decade ago crop up widely in 30 and 40 year olds. 

One of the most prominent ailments seen in men and women who are in their late 30s and 40s that of piles and fistula.


Understanding Piles

Due to the way people have begun restructuring their lifestyles, eating habits take a huge hit. Unless uncorrected, this could lead to chronic diarrhoea, heavy strain on the rectum while passing stools due to frequent constipation finally ending in fissures and Haemorrhoids. 


The journey to recovery

While Ayurvedic medicines for piles do exist, correction of metabolic errors and lifestyle modification is the key to curing piles. Charting out a healthy diet plan and weeding out harmful activities from your daily routine can gradually help people with piles and fistula recover naturally.

Ayurveda has identified numerous herbs and natural ingredients that have proven to work as a remedy for piles. At Kerala Ayurveda, we have used these key ingredients to create Pilogest - an Ayurvedic proprietary oral supplement is to treating the root cause that leads to piles, anal bleeding and haemorrhoids. 

The unique combination of elephant foot yam and touch-me-not plant with extracts of Turmeric, Chitrak, Guggulu and Triphala, makes this one of the best ayurvedic medicine for piles and fistula.

Pilogest regulates your metabolism with a mild laxative action and helps facilitate easy bowel movement. Regular intake of Pilogest reduces pain, promotes shrinkage of pile mass and speeds up healing.


Key Ingredients

Touch-me-not plant is a well known ayurvedic herb to treat bleeding pilesIt contains alkaloid mimosin, which alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. The phenolic content and antioxidant action of this plant accelerates wound healing. In Ancient period, Ayurvedic physicians prescribed a decoction made using touch-me-not plant to treat piles. External application of leaf paste was used traditionally to cure pile mass.



Elephant foot yam has been popularly used for treating piles and fistula. An excellent source of fiber, it regulates bowel movement and prevents constipation and improves metabolism due to the presence carbohydrates and fiber.



Triphala present in Pilogest Capsule contains specialized phyto-constituents like tannin, gallic, ellagic acid and vitamin C, which act not only helps evacuate the bowel, but also acts as an excellent anti-oxidant, preventing future occurrence of piles and fistula.



Guggul resin best known anti-inflammatory herb in Ayurveda. It helps in reducing the inflammation in fistula-anorectal and hemorrhoidal conditions. Guggul is a laxative and astringent agent that easily metabolizes the bioactive etiologic component of hemorrhoids, especially toxins (ama). The gum resin is proved to be a rich source of steroids that relieves pain and itching.


Turmeric with its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties prevents the attack of secondary microbial infection and arrests the bleeding in hemorrhoids. It also helps reduce anal itching.



How Ayurvedic medicine can help in treating piles and fistula

Using a careful balance of the above natural ingredients the solutions from Kerala Ayurveda can help:

While Pilogest is effective ayurvedic medicine to cure piles and fissures, we would recommend a slightly altered variation for people suffering from severe bouts of haemorrhoids. In extreme cases, Pilogest Capsules can be used along with Abhayaristam and Chiruvilwadi kwath tablet for best results. 

Before you undertake the above regimens, Kerala Ayurveda strongly advises you to consult with our Ayurvedic Physicians before undertaking any medication.


Side effects of Pilogest Capsule

There are no recorded side effects with this medicine. Safe during pregnancy and lactation. Should be taken under medical supervision.


Dosage of Pilogest Capsule

2 capsules before food in the night or as directed by the physician.


A stress-free life awaits!

Surgery is not the only way to treat piles and fistula. Travel the natural route before other opting for medications and treatments. As mentioned earlier, a healthy routine and timely in-take of food can go a long way in helping overcome Piles and any other ailments for that matter. Happy Living.


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