A partygoer’s guide to natural detox remedies, Ayurvedic self-healing, and holistic wellness

There is a lot of hype surrounding detox and cleanses, and it can get overwhelming trying to find out what will work for you and what doesn’t. In this article, we will talk about the marvelous benefits of Ayurveda and its detox remedies that can help your body recover from a wild night of partying.


What is Detox?

In a typical human body, we accumulate toxins on a daily basis due to the mechanism of the digestion process.  We eat food, the Food gets digested, then the Nutrition goes to each and every cell in our body through the Minute Microscopic channels (Srotas in Sanskrit) in our Body .so that the Body can Function. During this process, certain toxins will produce as residue and it has to be eliminated through Urine, Faeces, and Sweat. This happens every day for life long. Because of the fast-paced life with so much of Junk foods, fast foods, Tasty foods, and Sedentary lifestyle, we create more Toxins (Ama in Sanskrit) in our Body and those toxins will block the Nourishment which is going to all our Organs and cells thereby reducing its functioning and also will create Many diseases.

It’s like if you do not Service your Car with Oil change, Replacing Air Filter, Engine oil Filter, Greasing the Parts, Complete wash etc, The machine will not perform and it will get stuck on the day. Exactly the same way, if you do not Detox and Cleanse your Body of the Accumulated Toxins, The Most Important Machine which is our own Body will stop functioning one day. Ayurveda Cleansing programs are Servicing your own Body for better Functioning and More importantly preventing many serious diseases.


Who needs Detox treatments?

Anyone who has a busy lifestyle, eating unhealthy foods and Drinks, No time to Exercise, Consuming Oily, fried foods, Alcohol, Smoking, and Sedentary lifestyle

All the above factors can lead to a build-up of Ama (Indigested food Materials) in our System. Ama is a layer of waste that forms in the body, but mostly along the digestive tract. Ama builds up when we consume unhealthy food, and follow toxic habits like drinking and smoking. If the waste build-up gets excessive, then it can escape your digestive tract and leak into your bloodstream. This will result in poor absorption of food, Blocking the Nutrition to Organs and Cells, Creating Inflammation in Joints, Damages many vital organs and can cause a slow death.

Ayurveda itself is a healing and holistic process that dates back almost 5000 years; it’s also called the science of life and longevity. When you take part in an Ayurvedic detox, you minimize the toxins in your body, and it allows your body and mind to be free from negativity.

Ayurveda consists of natural detox remedies that consider the build-up of toxins to be the leading cause of physical and mental illnesses. These toxins can enter our bodies through food, drink, and air.


Behind every high lies a hangover:

Whether it’s the festive season or an epic Saturday night, the option of alcohol is always available. If you want to celebrate you will reach out for a shot or two, heck, you may even reach for that bottle of champagne or red wine because you want to have fun and deserve it after a long and hectic week.

However, the high always leads to a hangover. Your celebration drinks may last one night, but a killer hangover can go on for several days.

The feeling of nausea, sensitivity, and bloating can make any sane person lose their mind and feel weak. In Ayurveda, it’s believed that everything has the ability to heal and pollute our bodies, including alcohol. Nonetheless, liquor is considered to do more damage than harm. Many people ask questions like “how to detox my body in winter or summer?” and they want to use natural remedies that have minimal side effects; so, Ayurveda is usually the answer to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

Alcoholic drinks like wine taken in small quantities, can reduce any digestive issues and provide adequate sleep. However, in large amounts, liquor can be toxic to your body and psyche.

Recently, it has been noticed that people prefer going the natural route to find relief from hangovers rather than turn to aspirins and other painkillers that have adverse side effects.

After excessive drinking, your body wants to expel all the alcohol and restore the body to its natural pH levels. This is where Ayurveda remedies can purify blood naturally. You can take on a natural detox or cleanse and rejuvenate yourself. However, it’s always good to refer to your doctor before you take on any remedy (natural or otherwise). An experienced medical professional will always advise that you conduct a detox or cleanse by following a rule of balance. 

Whatever balance you use, should be in sync with your body and support your health in the long run.

When you look for detox benefits and cleansing treatments for hangovers, you have to find a remedy that has the perfect balance and flushes out the toxins in a gentle manner without disrupting any other part of the body.


Natural Detox – an option?

In this section, we will go through why a natural detox or an Ayurvedic cleanse is a good option for relief from a hangover. The human body is affected by physical toxins, mental toxins, and environmental toxins.



Physical toxins like alcohol can be the underlying cause of many diseases, and when alcohol is paired with junk food, it can lead to a build-up of ama. Ama is a layer of waste that forms in the body, but mostly along the digestive tract. Ama builds up when we consume unhealthy food, and follow toxic habits like drinking and smoking. If the waste build-up gets excessive, then it can escape your digestive tract and leak into your blood. This will result in poor absorption of nutrients, IBS, excessive growth of harmful bacteria, bad breath, bloating, and plaque build-up, and so on.

The signs of an extreme build-up of physical toxins include heavy white coating on your tongue, fatty deposits in your intestines, dental plaque that leads to gingivitis, and so on.



When you experience a hangover, not only are you physically uncomfortable, but your mental health is unstable too. You may feel moody, cranky, and lethargic as well. A mental detox includes breathing exercises and letting mature relax you. It also involves engaging all five senses and letting go of negative thoughts.



These toxins affect the body externally, and it includes foods tainted with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Pollution, dust, smoke are also significant contributors to environmental toxins.


Natural Detox and Natural cleanse:

Whether you’re looking to “detox my body daily” or “a natural cure for my hangover,” it’s important that you recognize the importance of consistent cleansing and detoxification. Ayurveda has provided us with many ways to detox our bodies, especially after excessive alcohol consumption. The various Ayurvedic detox components include herbs that can be orally consumed, therapeutic massages with herb-infused oils, meditation, and yoga.

Another great way to detox your system from all the alcohol you had the night before is to drink much water and eat an organic, vegetarian meal. The meal should consist of six Ayurvedic flavors that are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent; this mix of flavors is essential if you want to maintain a healthy balance of your body’s tissues.

When you perform an Ayurvedic detox, you engage in a holistic lifestyle, where the body and mind are in sync and energized as well.


Love your Liver:

When we talk about 24-hour detox home remedies, we talk about Ayurvedic herbs. These herbs are easy to use, and natural, which means that they have little to no side effects, and the results are positive as well as long-lasting. When you consume alcohol, your liver suffers the most along with other parts of your body. But your liver is affected because it purifies your blood. Therefore, when you consume too much liquor, the liver takes time to expel it out.

Hence, Ayurveda recommends that you use specific herbs to cleanse your system of toxins and rejuvenate your organs and tissues. Some of the prominent herbs you can use are Guggulu, turmeric, neem, and ashwagandha, ginger, and Triphala. 

However, everybody is different, and the results may take time to surface for some; therefore, it’s essential that you consult with your medical practitioner before turning to any remedies, even though they are natural. This will be helpful because a doctor will ensure you take the right dose and that it doesn’t interfere with your current medication plan as well.

The following ingredients are considered to be natural cleansers and detoxifiers. They are excellent for gut health and rejuvenate the good bacteria in your digestive tract as well.



This yellow ingredient is considered to be the best natural anti-inflammatory. It’s mostly used in cooking and in capsule forms. It’s recommended that you take a normal dose of 500-1000 mg per day.



Ginger is great for your digestive system, and it has strong detoxifying and cleansing properties. It also helps mobilize toxins and restores the body’s pH balance. When you have a shot of ginger juice, you will also stop craving salty and sweet food; these food items usually come processed and can lead to various gut issues like bloating and indigestion. You can add ginger to your cup of tea, by grating or slicing it, and fill a thermos with the tasty liquid and have through the day.

All these natural ingredients, when consumed together, can help your liver expel the toxins from the night before and reduce the hangover symptoms faster.


Natural remedies for a fatty liver:

When you look up foods that detox your body, you may also find natural remedies for a fatty liver. Fatty liver is a condition that occurs in people who are overweight or obese. If left untreated, it can lead to diabetes, a spike in blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and an increased chance of a heart stroke.

A study that was conducted in 2009 showed that almost 70 percent of people in the United States had type 2 diabetes, and they had fatty livers too. If you are unsure of whether you have a fatty liver or not, then you have to go for a standard blood test that will indicate your liver enzymes and if you have a fatty liver or not. If you have a fatty liver, then you have to get it treated as soon as possible, or it will lead to liver failure.

Here are some ways you can prevent fatty liver-

Maintaining a healthy weight:

This goal can be accomplished if you stick to a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and consistent workouts. This routine will prevent unhealthy fat from piling up in your body and around your liver.


Getting rid of toxins:

As mentioned before, consuming too much alcohol is a way of introducing toxins into your body. So, when your liver is constantly functioning to get rid of the toxins, it can get weak, thereby resulting in fatty liver. This is where you can take Ayurvedic herbs and supplements to expel all the toxins from your body and reduce the impact of your hangover too.


Herbal medicines:

If you’re experiencing a severe hangover, after a night of binge drinking, then you can consume some milk thistle. This natural ingredient helps produce enzymes in the liver that get rid of toxins as well. However, it’s best that you do your research before you think about using milk thistle for liver health as it’s not officially approved by the FDA.


Consume a healthy dose of antioxidants:

Your body needs antioxidants to function properly, especially vitamins E and C, which help promote healthy liver functions. You can take vitamin supplements as well, and they will help increase liver enzymes that will prevent a fatty liver.


How can you treat a fatty liver?

Although it can be challenging to treat a fatty liver medically, you can reduce the symptoms or prevent it from occurring by reducing your alcohol intake, losing weight, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. All these elements together will help you keep your fat levels in check, and it will contribute to your overall health as well. When you reduce the fat in your liver, you reduce the chances of any cardiovascular diseases as well.


Combat Cirrhosis the Ayurveda Way:

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to cirrhosis, and in Ayurveda, it’s known as yakrit vriddhi. This condition doesn’t allow the liver to function and limits the regulation of protein, along with the elimination of toxins and pathogens. This disease can be avoided when you take up early treatment, and Ayurveda provides gentle and effective remedies for it.


How to detox the liver?

Arogyavardhini is an effective Ayurvedic medicine that is meant to help with the effective functioning of the liver. It protects the patient from various effects of cirrhosis like jaundice, and it works on atrophied cells too. You can take this medicine in the form of a powder or a tablet.

Another popular Ayurvedic remedy for cirrhosis is Katuki. It is available as a powder and can be mixed with honey; you will have to mix a tablespoon of each and consume it thrice a day. This Ayurvedic treatment helps the liver produce bile and relieves liver congestion. It also affects the liver’s tissues and facilitates normal liver functions.

You can also use Bhringaraja by mixing one tablespoon of the powder with honey (because the powder on its own has a bitter taste). This medicine is beneficial to the liver because it helps with infantile liver cirrhosis.


How to detox your liver with Ayurvedic home remedies?

When we talk about how to detox the body naturally at home India, we can use the following remedies:


Papaya seeds-

These useful seeds are great for preventing cirrhosis, especially if it’s bought on through alcohol consumption. You can consume the seeds in their raw form, or you can grind it up and extract the juice. If you want the best results, mix the juice with one tablespoon lime juice and drink it consistently every day, for a month.

If your cirrhosis has given way to jaundice, then you have to increase your buttermilk consumption as well.

Avoid foods that are high in protein and sugar, along with pulses and legumes.


Meditation: A necessary distraction

If you have had too much to drink the night before, then meditating may be the last thing you want to do; you may want to stay in bed, turn the lights off, and binge on some junk food, while watching your favorite TV shows. However, meditating is a great way to reset your mind, and it helps you feel a lot better as well. Meditation has some detox benefits, especially for a killer hangover, and you can end up feeling productive and energized the next day.

A nasty hangover can have physical and mental effects, and meditation helps you work on the psychological elements. When it comes to the physical side effects, you will have to eat healthily and drink plenty of water to get rid of the hangover’s negative effects.

Some people dread the aftermath of binge drinking so much that they give up alcohol for a long time. When it comes to the psychological effects side effects of excessive alcohol consumption, it’s usually categorized as discomfort, illness, or uneasiness.


How can you deal with the mental effects of a hangover?

When you talk about the mental effects of a hangover, it usually comes down to self-criticism. This is where you start questioning yourself and blaming yourself for losing control and suffering the consequences. Moreover, the physical symptoms also remind you of how nasty you’re currently feeling.

This is where meditation can be of great help; it can ease the mental unease and discomfort while helping you manage your physical side effects as well. Mindfulness and meditation help a person cope with self-doubt and guilt. These negative feelings usually come after a night of excessive alcohol consumption, and meditation can help reduce them.

Meditation can be a necessary distraction when dealing with horrid hangovers, and it can also help you reduce alcohol consumption in the future as well. This is because it helps you feel at peace with yourself and makes you less dependent on feeding the void inside you with too much alcohol.


Meditation helps control your urges:

When we talk about controlling your urges, we mean resisting cravings that lead to the desire to drink. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop drinking altogether, just that you will have to do it more responsibly.

Think of cravings or urges as waves, they rise and subside. Urges can get worse if you try to suppress them; this can be emotionally exhausting. Meditation helps you to observe these cravings and analyze them; this means you can step back and ask yourself if you want to drink. This is also known as surfing the urge.

Once you have to learn to ride the wave, you won’t feel compelled to give in to your hangover or your urge to drink. Practicing meditation regularly, will help you get into the roots of what leads to your alcohol urges.

People often binge on alcohol to distress, and they have an illusion that getting intoxicated will help melt all their troubles away when, in reality, it will make you feel worse (mentally and physically). However, if you do feel like drinking and you experience a hangover, then meditating will help you feel better.


Get inside the pain:

When you decide to meditate the hangover away, you can start by choosing a quiet place that will help you focus on yourself. This little corner should be peaceful and comfortable. Also, you will have to set a timer for ten minutes.

After you are settled in your corner, you need to concentrate on the uncomfortable emotions in your body. Try to pinpoint the strongest sensations like nausea, headache, foggy memory, and so on. Meditation is one of the most popular natural detox remedies, and it will definitely distract you from the unpleasant sensations in your body.

If you feel the need to throw up, then go ahead and do it. It’s important that you get it out of your system, instead of suppressing it. If you feel dizzy, meditate with your eyes open and fix your sight on a stable spot, while focusing on your breathing.

When you meditate with a hangover, you learn how to handle unpleasant emotions instead of running away from them. It’s important that you are in sync with your feelings, even when you are feeling low and unpleasant. Creating a safe space will allow you to be kind to yourself and move forward instead of letting them fester.



A lit Saturday night can turn into a horrid Sunday morning if you let your alcohol consumption go out of hand. Most adults experience a hangover that can last more than two days, after a heavy drinking session. Every time you experience a hangover, you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible; especially, if you have to work the next day.

First off, don’t consume alcohol on an empty stomach as it can make your hangover worse. Eat some carbs before drinking liquor because it will provide your body with some electrolytes and fluids; also, keep yourself hydrated after drinking alcohol.

Also, ensure that you consume foods that detox your body. This means that you have to avoid any junk food that includes high fat, high cholesterol, simple carbohydrates, and loaded with sugar. You have to eat food that is rich in vitamins and minerals while drinking plenty of water too.

When it comes to cleansing and detoxifying yourself from any alcohol, then you have to take the natural route because it won’t have any negative side effects, like prescription drugs, and the positive results will last for a long time.


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