Arthritis - How can Ksheerabala 101 Help?

Know all about arthritis and how Ayurveda’s Ksheerabala 101 can help you to manage this disease. Learn more.

Arthritis - ksheerabala 101

Arthritis - How can Ksheerabala 101 Help?

Arthritis is a painful condition that causes swelling and pain in the joints. There are two forms of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. Here, the body’s immune system attacks the joints causing inflammation, swelling, and pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It causes pain in the joints, particularly of the knees, hip, and spine. The pain of arthritis can be debilitating. It can affect a person’s quality of life. While steroids and other such medicines can provide relief, they can have serious side effects. What is needed is a holistic approach to help a person with arthritis, one that is gentle on the body. Ayurveda can help with this. It recommends lifestyle and dietary changes, along with herbal medicines to help manage arthritis. Ksheerabala 101 is an Ayurvedic medicine that helps manage arthritis.


Arthritis and Ayurveda

ayurveda medicine for arthritis

In Ayurveda, arthritis is believed to also occur due to various reasons including the intake of improper diet. This includes taking food that is excessively salty, sour, or uncooked. Improper food combinations, overeating, sexual indulgence, excess anger, and sedentary habits can be the causes of arthritis as per Ayurveda. Vatarakta is the name given to this condition in Ayurveda. Vata Dosha regulates movement. When this is vitiated, it affects Rakta or blood. This affects the joints causing pain and other symptoms. This is the interpretation for rheumatoid arthritis as per Ayurveda.

Ayurveda highlights the importance of digestion for health. The digestive fire needs to work well to ensure good metabolism. If the digestive fire is weakened, it can cause toxins to be produced. These toxins can be carried by Vata to the joints where inflammation and swelling occurs. This leads to pain and related symptoms. Ayurveda focuses on helping to maintain Vata Dosha. This is done through Ayurvedic herbal supplements and therapies. A healthy diet can be helped to be recommended based on the Doshas, the weather, and the patient’s constitution. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help manage arthritis in a holistic way.


Ksheerabala 101 for Arthritis

Ksheerabala 101 Aavarthi is an Ayurvedic supplement that is recommended to help manage arthritis. Apart from its use in helping to manage arthritis, it is also helpful in managing myalgia and other body aches. Ksheera means milk and Bala refers to an ingredient country mallow that is very helpful in managing arthritis. The 101 in the name refers to the fact that the processing of herbs is done 101 times to create the final product. Ksheerabala capsules and tablets are available that are easy to take. The product is manufactured by Kerala Ayurveda. 

Ksheerabala 101 capsules are helpful in managing arthritis, gout, and neuralgia. It is a potent Ayurvedic supplement that helps to strengthen the bones and joints. This is very helpful in managing chronic cases. People who suffer from chronic arthritis will be able to get help by taking this supplement. It helps in maintaining the Vata Dosha. This helps in managing inflammation and swelling, which helps in managing the pain. The Ksheerabala 101 uses and benefits are helpful due to the ingredients used. The Ayurvedic herbs used have been used for centuries to help manage pains and aches.


Benefits of Ksheerabala 101

The Ksheerabala 101 Aavarthi benefits that make it such a helpful product are:


Ingredients and their benefits

The ingredients in Ksheerabala 101 are:

  1. Bala (Sida cordifolia): Bala or country mallow is helpful to strengthen bones, joints, and muscles. It is known as Bala, as the word means to help strengthen. This Ayurvedic herb can help strengthen the body. It is one of the herbs in Ayurveda that can effectively help manage vitiation in the Vata Dosha. It helps balance all three Doshas helping to maintain energy balance, thereby helping to maintain good health. It helps in improving immunity while helping to strengthen the body. This is why it is the main ingredient used to help manage joint pains.

  2. Ksheera (Milk): Cow’s milk is used to prepare Ksheerabala. Cow’s milk is considered very pure and rich in nutrients. It helps to nourish all the tissues of the body. When used with other ingredients, it helps in the supplement being easily absorbed by the tissues.

  3. Tila Thailam (Sesame oil): Sesame oil is one of the preferred oils in Ayurveda to make supplements. The oil is very helpful in managing conditions that occur due to Vata. It is thus helpful in managing joint pain. It is an antioxidant in nature. It is helpful in the management of various neuromuscular disorders.


How to use Ksheerabala 101?

The Ksheerabala 101 tablets uses help to ensure that this tablet is recommended for arthritis patients. One tablet or one capsule is usually to be taken two times a day or as prescribed by a physician. One tablet or capsule is equivalent to 15 drops of the Ksheerabala Aavarthi.



People suffering from arthritis and experiencing the side-effects of steroids and anti-inflammatory medicine can get help from Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic wellness approach helps in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to help improve general health. The supplement Ksheerabala 101 is very helpful for arthritis sufferers. This can help manage severe pain that conditions like arthritis and gout bring with it. If you want to experience this, then all you need to do is visit the website of Kerala Ayurveda. You can order Ksheerabala 101 tablets online and get the product delivered to your home. Order now and help manage your arthritis.


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