Nalpamaradi Keram: Rejuvenate and brighten your skin

Who doesn’t wish for a skin that is healthy and flawless? Most of us are tired of taking years of prescriptions and daubing our faces with lotions and creams thinking it will put an end to our skin issues someday. From the days when many of us celebrated our puberty to our middle age or more, as they say, skin issues have followed us throughout our journey. Although we must embrace our flaws, Ayurveda believes skin conditions might provide a deeper insight of your inner health. The best way to gain naturally healthy skin is by trying it the natural way. Ayurveda does not provide any magical overnight remedies to make your skin woes disappear, what it does provide is a deeper understanding of the cause of these skin imbalances.

There are many products in the market that claim to make your skin brighter. Kerala Ayurveda provides an effective Ayurvedic medicine for skin glow, made from herbs that are safer to use than the skincare products available in the market. These Ayurvedic oils for skin whitening contain natural substances that help to brighten the skin. They have proven benefits and have been used for hundreds of years. The formulations have been prepared by sages of ancient India and documented in ancient texts. Ayurvedic oil for skin brightening like Nalpamaradi Keram can help you brighten your complexion.


How to brighten skin? The Ayurvedic approach


Ayurveda uses herbs to improve skin complexion. Creating glowing skin that is radiant is the objective of using these herbs. The herbs soothe the skin and allow it to glow. This makes the skin brighten in tone. The change in tone can result in glowing beautiful skin. Ayurveda believes that toxins or impurities in the blood are the reason for the reduction in the glow of the skin. Therefore, cleansing blood is the first step to brighten the skin. 

Blood purifiers or blood cleansers can remove toxins from the blood. This helps to remove any skin-related problems. These skin problems are what affect the skin tone. The use of Kantivardhaka herbs can help improve complexion. Ayurvedic herbs to improve complexion are cooling in nature. They are mild and usually astringent when it comes to taste. These herbs help in managing a host of skin diseases. 

The herbs are used to penetrate deep into the Dhatus or tissues of the body. This ensures that inflammation is reduced. This soothes the skin and helps to improve skin health. Once blood is cleansed and skin health is improved, skin tone is stated to improve and become lustrous. The antioxidants in the herbs help the skin to glow. Some of the other measures suggested by Ayurveda for skin brightening are: 

Being hydrated by drinking sufficient water.

Consuming a balanced diet that offers nutrition. The diet should pacify the Dosha or energy in the body that has been imbalanced.

Facial and body massage (Abhyanga) can be very helpful in improving skin tone.

Exercise, including Yoga, can help improve blood circulation.

Sleep is important and ensures skin health is improved. 

Avoid sun exposure as it can increase melanin in your skin, which is responsible for changes in the complexion. If you can’t avoid the sun, always wear a suitable sunscreen or UV-treated face mask.

What is the product to use for skin brightening?

If you want to help improve your skin tone and brighten skin, then one of the best Ayurvedic products to use is Nalpamaradi Keram. The Ayurvedic skin brightening oil is prepared using a base of coconut oil, which is the best natural moisturizer to soften skin. The Keram or oil contains a unique blend of herbs that helps your skin's complexion and texture to improve. The oil is prepared as per the formulation outlined in the ancient Ayurvedic text Sahasrayogam. It is prepared using the bark of four different fig species of trees along with other herbs. 

The oil should be massaged onto the face and skin to help improve skin complexion. The oil should be left on the skin to allow it to go down into the tissues. This will help in removing toxins from the blood, correct vitiation in Doshas, and help improve your skin health. This helps in ensuring brightened skin from the inside out. This is said to be the most effective way of brightening your skin. 


What are the Nalpamaradi Keram oil benefits?

There are many benefits of Nalpamaradi oil. The Nalpamaradi Keram uses are not restricted to making skin glow but include many other benefits. They are: 

  • Helps reduce tan and sun damage.
  • It is helpful in improving skin texture.

  • It is very helpful in purifying blood and brightens skin.

  • The oil helps to manage skin conditions and diseases like eczema, dermatitis, scabies, etc.

  • Nalpamaradi oil for babies It can even be used to massage the skin of babies.

  • It helps to improve skin health in general. 


Nalpamaradi oil ingredients and their benefits 

The main constituent of Nalpamaradi Keram is Nalpamaram. This contains the barks of four species of the fig plant. The four species are Ficus benghalensis, Ficus racemosa, Ficus religiosa, and Ficus lacor. Nalpamaram is very helpful in balancing vitiation in Pitta that can cause blood impurities. 

It also contains Chandana or sandalwood and turmeric. Both of these are herbs that are highly beneficial in improving skin complexion. Face packs made using these herbs help improve skin tone. The usage of these herbs makes the Keram a highly effective skin care product.  It also contains turmeric, which gives this oil its distinctive, golden hue.


Buying Nalpamaradi Keram 

Nalpamaradi Keram best ayurvedic oil for skin brightening and improving general skin health. This herbal oil is available for sale on the website of Kerala Ayurveda. Prepared by a company with more than 75 years of experience in Ayurveda, you are assured of quality when you use Nalpamaradi keram. Visit the section on Herbal oils and you will find this oil. You can place your order and buy it online. The product will be delivered to your home. 

If you are sick and tired of wasting your money on ineffective products and have tried several home remedies but nothing seems to work on your skin, then Nalpamaradi keram is the product that is highly recommended for you. Your journey to improve your skin health commences with the usage of this product. Experience the power of Ayurveda as you use this oil to help brighten your skin and make it glowing and radiant. With a host of other benefits for your skin, Nalpamaradi Keram is the product you need. It is safe and gentle on your skin and is effective.

Whether you want to brighten your natural complexion or reverse the sun damage, Nalpamaradi Keram is the right product for you. Using this product daily or every alternate day can brighten your complexion and give you an even skin tone. It can also reduce dark spots and help you achieve that youthful glow. The best part is that this skin brightening formulation is made from natural herbs, including turmeric, making it safer to use on sensitive skin types. However, the results may vary depending on your natural complexion and how well you protect your skin from the sun and pollution during the course.




1. Can I use Nalpamaradi Keram daily? 

People with dry skin can use Nalpamaradi Keram every day. However, if you have oily skin, you should limit your usage to every alternate day, unless otherwise prescribed by your Ayurvedic practitioner.


2. Should I use Nalpamaradi Keram before or after a bath?

Since one of the ingredients in Nalpamaradi Keram is turmeric, it could stain your clothes slightly if you leave it on your skin. So, it is best you use it before bathing and washing it off with water. 


3.How long should I leave Nalpamaradi Keram on my skin?

It’s recommended that you massage your skin with Nalpamaradi Keram and leave it on your skin for about 30 minutes. Then, take a shower to wash away the oil.  


4. Should I heat the Nalpamaradi Keram oil before use?

No, you can use the oil on your skin as it is. Ensure you massage it into your skin to experience the benefits of the oil.And it is also suggested to store the oil at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.  


5. Is it safe for kids to use Nalpamaradi Keram?

Yes, Nalpamaradi Keram is safe to use to a great extent. However, if you are using it on a child, it is advisable to dilute it with a gentle carrier oil like almond oil or virgin coconut oil. 


6. Can people with acne-prone skin use Nalpamaradi Keram?

Yes, people who have acne-prone skin can use Nalpamaradi Keram, which is helpful in reducing pigmentation. If you have active acne and oily skin, it’s best to use the oil every other day, instead of every day.Protect your skin from dust and pollution to avoid acne breakouts.