Economic times

NOV 22, 2018: Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. is planning an aggressive push in the US market by bringing out more standardised products under dietary supplements.

“We will introduce 15 products by the end of this fiscal that deals with diabetes; inflammation and weight reduction,” said Ramesh Vangal, chairman of the company, who is betting big on the US market.

The company has invested in Renovel Discoveries in the US for research and validation of Ayurvedic formulations. It has conducted human trials too.

Vangal said the company is exploring the possibility of adapting the ayurvedic medicines for the local community. “In India we have around 800 herbs But in the US there are only 120. So we need to reorient the system to suit the local population,” said Vangal, who was here to participate in the global ayurveda summit organised by Confederation of Indian Industry.

KAL has an academy which provides Indian-sourced ayurvedic education, services and products based in California. The academy has 2000 alumni and 6000 hours of content. Vangal is expecting the alumni to spread awareness about ayurveda in the US by starting ayurvedic centres. ‘They can be our brand ambassadors;” he said.

He is also banking on yoga to take ayurveda forward. “Currently the market for ayurveda is insignificant in the US but millions in the country practise yoga which has a universal appeal.”